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Why Is Happy in Edens Zero (Sep 2021) Know The Reason!

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This article shares relevant information about the Manga series and characters. It also tells you Why Is Happy in Edens Zero & what does it mean for the show.

are you one of the manga or anime fans and looking for information about the Happy character? Do you want to know about the fate of the Happy character in the Edens zero series? We have seen the manga series’ rise and popularity in countries like Canada, the Philippines, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and many other countries.

This article will discuss one of the favorite manga series, i.e., Edens zero, and tell you Why Is Happy in Edens Zero. So, let’s find out. 

What is Edens Zero?

Edens Zero is a manga series of Hiro Mashima, a sci-fi fantasy series and consists of 16 chapters. The release date of the Edens zero animated series is June 2018, and it is still in continuation. You will find many characters in this series like Shiki Granbell, Happy, E.M. Pino, Laguna Husert, Couchpo, and many more.

Now there is one character who is also a character of different series, and people are shocked and surprised that how can this character is in the Edens Zero series. The name of the character is Happy. 

Why Is Happy in Edens Zero?

As per the people’s reaction, we can say that people are surprised to see Happy in Edens zero. Before appearing in the Edens zero, Happy was seen in the Fairy Tale series, one of the famous manga series in the world. 

The happiness that we have seen in the Edens zero is like the happy 2.0. however, the character is the same, but this version is different as the character got no memory of past events and fairy tales. 

How is happy in Edens zero is different from Happy in Fairy Tale?

After answering Why Is Happy in Edens Zero, people are confused between the characters and ask whether they are identical. In summary, both the happy character is similar, but the form is diverse. The Happy that appeared in the first chapter of Edens Zero has lost its memory of past events. 

He didn’t know that he is a part of a Fairy tale. The happy was killed just after meeting Rebecca in a car accident, but with the help of Professor Weisz, Rebecca can put the brain of happiness in an android body. 

How people responded after seeing Happy in Edens Zero?

As we know Why Is Happy in Edens Zero, the viewers are shocked and happy that one of their favorite characters is a part of a sci-fi manga series. The viewers want more of this character to show in the series as, even if it’s a happy 2.0, people are happy to see the happy character  interacting with other characters. 

Wrapping it up

After getting all the information about the Edens zero and its character, we can conclude that happy becomes one of the fan favorites. The popularity of this show is increasing day by day as people are waiting for the next episodes. However, many people want to know Why Is Happy in Edens Zero, and now they got all the answers. 

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