Bart Durham Death And Age: Full Biography Along With Details of Parents

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News about the death of a famous public attorney has been trending on the internet. Bart Durham has died on Tuesday, 9th April 2024. Bart Durham was from Nashville, United States.   

How Did Bart Durham Died?

Bart Durham, a famous Injury Attorney from Nashville, Tennessee, died on Tuesday, 9th April 2024. Bart was eighty-nine years old when he died. Details regarding the reason behind his death have not been revealed. 

His daughter posted his obituary and wrote many kind words for him. Durham founded his law firm in 1975, Bart Durham Injury Law. It is a personal injury law firm in Nashville, Tennessee. 

The address of Bart’s office is 406 11th Avenue, N 200, Nashville, Tennessee, 37203, U.S. He was a famous and successful attorney. People believed in him and reached out to him when he needed help. Her daughter described him as a man of Justice Justice.

Bart had represented many people in the court who their employers wronged. His Google page showed how many people used to reach out to him in case of need. He earned his name and fame from his smartness and work ethic.

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More Biography Details Of Bart Durham 

Bart was born in Ripely, West Tennessee, in 1935. Bart also served in the U.S. Army for around two years. After serving in the army, he studied law at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. 

More Biography Details Of Bart Durham
More Biography Details Of Bart Durham

He continued his law studies at Southern Law University in Memphis and graduated there in 1963. After completing his studies, he worked in Memphis (1966 to 1969). Then, he moved to Nashville and worked here. He also worked as a partner with another attorney. 

However, he eventually founded his personal injury law firm and started his practice. He was the specialist in the cases of personal injury or death caused at work. At first, he also went to his home town and wanted to practice law with his father.

He had also worked in the Justice Department of the U.S. in Memphis as a prosecutor. He used to tell everyone that he had worked on the case of the man who shot Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He helped with James Earl Ray’s federal prosecution.

Wiki Page Details Of Bart Durham

Unfortunately, a Wikipedia page containing details about Bart Durham is unavailable. However, much more information about his life is available on the internet. 

His wife’s name is Cindy (Sin Young Kang). He had four children: Colin, Michele (Falletta), Kelly (Bean) and Blair Durham. He also had two grandkids, Ethan and Adelynn. 

Additionally, details related to his Parents have yet to be revealed, just like the details about his birth date are unavailable. People in his community greatly respected him and always treated him well. 

He was also known for his kindness and honesty. In a note from Blair (his daughter), she said his father was committed towards Justice and always worked tirelessly. 

Few Details About His Cremation Ceremony 

On 16th April 2024, 10 am is the time for visitation. His family will celebrate his life starting from noon at the Woodmont Christian Church. 

Bart Durham had a loving family, and their loss is unparalleled. His work ethic and working style were also praised by many. Overall, Bart was a complete man. He was a fantastic father and husband. He also succeeded as an attorney in the court. 

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