Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy document describes the sorts of information gathered and stored by, as well as how we utilise it.

Please read these terms of service to identify the personal detail we gather. If you disapprove of any policy option, we ask that you refrain from using our services or any site connected to our Legislation. As a result, you consent to this Privacy Statement by using and visiting this site and its contents.

Information Collection Method

Most of the information usually comes from users through their account registrations and review submitting procedures. We won’t ask for personal information to the users. Meanwhile, some information can be collected by using a technical process like from IP addresses.

We aim to provide you the high-end security and premium quality services. The services include digital marketing services, scam or fraud prevention, a direct connection between two business parties, and ensuring the marketplace regulations.

If you are curious to know how we use the information, then stick to the entire privacy policy.

What do we do with your data?

  • The initial step is to analyze your registered account.
  • We identify your account whenever you revisit the website.
  • We use to send our newsletter service to you if you subscribed.
  • Identification of your posted reviews.
  • We use the data to notify you when your review earns a rating online or has a bad comment.
  • Notify the company regarding your visit to the website, and you visited our portal to review the overall experience with the site.
  • We use the data to recognize and analyze how you are using our site.
  • Prevent malicious deception.
  • To notify you that we are not liable for any damaged and bad service from the manufacturer.

Newsletter Service & Emails

We collect your emails and newsletter preferences. If any user wants to remove the newsletter service or any company’s email service, then the user can unsubscribe from the service easily.

The process is simple; go to your account, log in with your email id, visit the email settings option, and switch the button to unsubscribe.

If you are still receiving our newsletter services, you can contact us at info(@)marifilmines(dot)com.

Disclosure of Personal Information on the Site

Marifilmines is a leading review platform whose purpose is to share your genuine reviews on the site. Your posted reviews benefit other customers or users while reviewing a site, making any online purchase, and product information.

If a visitor creates an account on the site, the site automatically creates a private profile for the visitor. This method saves confidential information about profile holder.

After posting a review, we disclose some information, including-

  • The username of the writer
  • Other reviews information
  • Your location or Country name

This data obtained to create a completely operational profile that will allow you to write a review on the site.

In furthermore, users can opt to publish other data on their accounts. You can include a username, a photograph, an ethnicity, a personal summary, a dialect, and your location. All of the other information you provide to your account will release publicly as well.


Cookies are being used to recognise your phone or system as opposed to a specific user. It is indeed necessary for a variety of additional reasons. Cookies get to use on our sites.

We record the device’s portal settings and Email account every time the website viewed. Internet options include the browser used to visit the web, the moment, or the site region.

Configuration and Location

When you browse the site, we record your device’s IP address. The IP address is a one-of-a-kind unique identifying identifier for your system used to view the comments on our site.

Internet options might include the type of browser app, region, or time zone. Such data is acquired to track down the server or device used in the event of illegal conduct or even other exploits related to our site. Even we utilise this IP address function to pinpoint your exact city-level location to determine what version of Terms of Service applies to you based on your geographical location.

Storage of information

We maintain track of user profiles, feedback, or other activity involving our offerings. You may obtain this data by reaching us via email. Furthermore, if you cancel your registered account on our site, the information will get erased from our database server.

Right to Upgrade the Policy

We have the right to change or upgrade our privacy policy according to our requirements. We may not notify you via email; it is suggested to check the privacy policy from time to time. Users should also look at the published or modified time in this section. It will walk users over our revised or amended user agreement.

Contact Us

Do you have any queries regarding our privacy policy and how we handle your personal information? If so, then get in touch with us via info(@)marifilmines(dot)com.

We will give you the best assistance in a short time.