Lexi Bonner Twitter: Find Details On Footage Of 8 Year Old Kid

The Lexi Bonner Twitter details about Lexi Bonner 8 Year Old, Lexi Bonner Footage and Lexi Bonner Kid. Follow our article to know more.

Lexi Bonner, the viral girl who came in limelight following her bullying video which made its way to social media platforms. The teenage girl was found hitting and bullying the autistic boy in the video. 

The Lexi Bonner 8 Year Old video revealed the boy trying to be friend with a teenage girl Lexi Bonner by hitting her. The boy then ran away prompting the teenage girl to chase him. The video did generate wide spread attention in Ireland, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and Australia.

As per sources, while chasing she caught the boy and began hitting him. The video was recorded by the people around him who did not bother on what was happening and just laughing at the incident. The was thereafter made viral on internet. The video ahs been trending with the title “Lexi Bonner.”

Lexi Bonner 8 Year Old:

The video with the title Lexi Bonner has been a buzz on Twitter. While there has been a debate on Lexi Bonner age. While some suggest that she is 14 years old while other claim that she is 16 years old. The victim in the video was identified to be a 8 years old boy from Leeds. 

The autistic boy went to the local football park to make friends with others around. He went to a teenage girl and hit her in playful manner in the Lexi Bonner Footage. The girl thereafter chased him down and continued hitting him. She hit him. She thereafter dragged him to the other side of the ground.

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Reports claim that the boy has suffered broken bones and sore legs following the violence from the teenage girl Lexi Bonner. A boy appeared to be in Yellow shorts was trying to pull his friend from Lexi Bonner in the bullying video. As per sources, it was known that the boy went with the victim to help him make friends with others. The bullying video of Lexi Bonner trends on online platforms.

Lexi Bonner Footage:

The Lexi Bonner footage shows how the teenage boy was hitten by Lexi Bonner who hitted him and dragged him on the other side of the ground and continued hitting him. The boy curls up on the ground and wails following her continuous hitting. The teenage boy was known to be only 8 years old. As per sources, at the end of the Lexi Bonner Kid video, the boy was seen getting up and saying that he has a bad back from the hitting. People around were just laughing following the bullying incident.

In recent times, it has been buzzing to put Lexi Bonner behind bars and get her handcuffed. While rumors reveal that the boy suffered broken arms and wrists. His mother confirmed that he suffered minor injuries. The video of Lexi Bonner has become viral on online platforms.

Lexi Bonner Footage
Lexi Bonner Footage

Lexi Bonner Kid:

Lexi Bonner was known to be a 14 years old teenage girl. She belongs to Cornwall Ave. She has been trending on online after a video featuring her bullying a teenage boy went surfacing on internet. The incident happened in a local park which is just 20 minutes away from her house. Lexi Bonner was known to have hitten the teenage boy while hitting him and dragging him to the other side of the ground.

The Lexi Bonner Twitter video has become viral on social platforms. To know more details about Lexi Bonner, click on this link.

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