Asna Tabassum Instagram: Check Twitter, And Reddit Update Here

The article talks about Asna Tabassum Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit details and explains why she is trending all over social media.

Are you the person who used to wait for the graduation day speech where our friends and dearest staff surrounded the college crowd? Even our article subject, Asna Tabassum, was very interested in giving her graduation speech. 

Still, her speech was declined, creating many ripple effects in Morocco and the United States. So here in this article, we will discuss Asna Tabassum Instagram and her other details about the trending story in a detailed manner along with the reasons and the consequences of the cancellation incident.

Why is Asna Tabassum Instagram account trending?

Asna Tabassum is a biomedical engineering student studying at the famous University of Southern California, and she is the first generation of South Asian and American Muslims. And she is a bright kid who used to score above a 3.98 GPA in her studies. Due to her academic excellence, USC chose Asna as a valedictorian for the graduation day speech.

After this announcement, many people started to search for her Instagram account. As per sources, they found that Asna is a pro-Palestinian and she supports Palestinians. As per sources, knowing this the university has received lots of controversies and death threats, so USC has cancelled her valedictorian speech. 

That’s why Asna is trending, and she has amassed around 1673 followers on her Instagram account and till now she hasn’t posted any posts on her insta page.

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Asna Tabassum Twitter details

Asna hasn’t opened her Twitter account, but her name can be seen all over the pages. As per sources, many news channels have shared images and videos of Asna regarding the cancellation of the graduation day speech just because she is a pro-Palestine supporter. 

Many pro-Palestine supporters have raised questions about the university on their Twitter accounts and rendered their virtual support to Asna. She wanted to express her views to a vast number of people, but the university had destroyed her freedom of speech.

Asna Tabassum Twitter details
Asna Tabassum Twitter details

Asna Tabassum Reddit updates

As per sources, Reddit platform contains much information about the Asna speech cancellation issue. In addition, Asna has released a statement to the Council of American and Islamic Relations, which is going viral all over the Reddit platform. 

As per sources, in that statement, she referred to the fact that Asna studied at the university for four years, but they betrayed her by not allowing her to give her valedictorian speech. In addition to that, she has written much information about genocide, the Ukrainian war, etc. Asna is always the student who wants to give voice to vulnerable people.

Ripple effects

The University of Southern California administrator Guzman announced this decision, as Asna’s speech was cancelled. As per sources, he shared that after the announcement, many security threats were targeted at the university if they allowed Asna to make a speech. This would collapse the whole graduation event; that’s why they took the harsh decision on Asna.

Some people have welcomed this decision, but many have criticised it. And now, they are receiving lots of backlashes for their decision to take down the fundamental rights of a college girl.

Why was Asna Tabassum’s speech cancelled?

The university has not released any information about Asna regarding their decision, but many fellow students have leaked the reason, which is that Asna Tabassum Instagram promotes antisemitic writings and anti-Zionist rhetoric on her social media pages and is affiliated with many pro-Palestine groups as per sources. Hence, the university has taken that decision.

As per sources, even though they quoted security breaches as an issue, this is the hidden reason behind the USC’s decision. Thus, their decision made Asna a world-popular girl. Many people get to know about her, and they are offering support via social media. 

Thus, currently, Asna is the brave girl who used to stand up for her values and ethics among the global people.

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