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Soraya Miranda has been in discussion worldwide after her partner Kendji Girac suffered an injury while handling a firearm. People are trying to know about it in detail.

Real Name  Kendji Maille
Date of Birth July 3, 1996
Place of Birth Perigueux
Citizenship French
Partner Soraya Miranda

Soraya Miranda Wikipédia Photos

This post will inform you about Soraya Miranda Wikipédia Photos, who is related to Kendji Girac. Soraya Miranda is the partner of famous French singer Kendji Girac. She has been in discussion after the question of Kendji being the victim of an accidental shooting.

The question was whether the Girac was the victim of an accidental shooting or not. The report confirmed that the singer was shot in his chest. The services were at the Travelers reception area of Biscarrosse in the Landes.

The gendarmes collected the first testimonies, but they were confused. Therefore, the Mont-de-Marsan public prosecutor’s office investigated the homicide.

Kendji Girac went through an operation after the incident. The investigators have been asking many questions related to the incident. Soraya Miranda and other companion have also been asked the following questions. Since then, Soraya Miranda Wikipédia Photos has been also in discussion.

She was at the reception area of the traveller with the couple’s daughter. The daughter of the couple is Eva Alba. People are searching for the photo of Soraya Miranda.

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Soraya Miranda Instagram

Soraya Miranda Instagram
Soraya Miranda Instagram

People are trying to visit the Instagram account of Soraya Miranda to have a look at Soraya Miranda Wikipédia Photos. People are trying to find Soraya Miranda’s identity. They are also eager to know about the details of Kendi Girac. He won the third season of The Voice in France. He gets inspiration from his flamenco musical style.

Girac appeared online with a flamenco version of Maitre Gims’ song Bella. The video received more than 5 million views on YouTube. This popularity helped him to advance in his singing career. He became victorious, with more than 51% of the votes against Maximilien, Amir, and Wesley.

Girac released his first CD called Color Gitano and four cover songs: Bella Maitre Gims, Toi et moi Guillaume Grand, Ma philosophie Amel Bent and Tous les memes Stromae-form, etc.

Girac released his first album, Kendji, on September 8, 2014. It reached number one in France in September 2014. Over 68,000 copies were sold. It was the best start of 2014 for an original record. Since the breakthrough of Christophe Willem in 2007, he went to the top of the music charts after winning a talent show.

Soraya Miranda Quel Origine

After discussing Soraya Miranda Wikipédia Photos, people are trying to learn about the origin of Soraya Miranda. Soraya has come to the light after the Girac was shot in the chest. After the incident, Soraya Miranda Wikipédia Photos have also gone viral.

Soraya and Kendji are also in the limelight. People are discussing his achievements through his singing career. Kendji received a double platinum record after the invitation to The Voice Kids. On December 30, 2014, the album reached 537,000 copies upgraded to diamond.

Kendji also received two NRJ music awards. One is for French Language Promotion of the Year, and the other is for French Native Song of the Year, Color Gitano. His album reached number one on the French album charts in two weeks.

Kendji performed concerts in France, Geneva and Brussels. He also planned to go on a world tour. He again released a solo album on September 2, 2015. The name of the album is Me Quemo.


Soraya Miranda has been in the limelight after the gunshot faced by Kendji. He was later hospitalized and underwent an operation. He never thought of facing such a consequence. After this incident, Soraya has also been undergoing an investigation. After the investigation, it was found that Kendji Girac was drunk and consumed cocaine, which led to a succession of arguments with his partner. He was heavily alcoholic and could not control himself. His addiction to alcohol and drugs became a source of conflict.

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