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Are you searching the answer to this question Why Did I Get a Blink Verification Code? Then read this entire article to know the exact information.

You all are aware of verification codes, right? Verification codes are made for security to ensure only authorized account holders can access the information.

We will explain to you all the details regarding the Blink app, and here you will get to know the answer to the question, Why Did I Get a Blink Verification Code, which is circulating in people’s minds all over the United States.

What is Blink App?

Blink is a home monitoring app known as Blink Home Monitor, which is created to check and know what is happening at your home when you are outside. Blink can monitor your home, business, and also vacation at the same time. Blink app connected to your phone in HD video quality helps you protect and keep an eye on what matters to you most.

Blink app also accesses users to send messages, photos, voice messages, and sketches to each other and is available on both IOS and Android.

People were asking others Why Did I Get a Blink Verification Code?

How does Blink Works?

Blink app is a smartphone security app that operates with a Wi-Fi connection. Blink works with a multi-system with a controlled camera system within a single app.

Blink Verification Code:

Verification code is used for security to avoid internet scammers to spam users. Codes are for protection purposes and are linked to the web. Blink has added a new verification code to keep the users safe. These verification code is been sent to a phone number through SMS or email by which you can register to blink account.

Why Did I Get a Blink Verification Code?

As we have discussed the verification code, I will now let you know why you got it?

To set up a blink camera, you need to create an account on the blink app. You need to enter all your country names, email, location, and create a password. Along with all details, you need to verify your phone number and email.

The verification codes are 6 digit numbers in the form of XXX-XXX. Once you register your blink account, you can use the service. Many visited blink’s official website to know Why Did I Get a Blink Verification Code

You can use the app by subscribing monthly plan, and this app also helps to send self-destructing messages. Once you enter your Email ID, blink will send you a verification code to confirm with the email you have access to.

Next, you can enter the verification code in the app and click on ‘verify.’ The same method has been followed to verify phone numbers. Finally, you can link the blink account to your device. The app is very helpful to monitor kids at home when you are outside.


After discussing Why Did I Get a Blink Verification Code, we can conclude that the code is important for security purposes and must set up blink cameras. 

The United States citizens are more likely to use such apps. Have you ever used the blink app If yes, do mention your experiences in the comment box.

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