USPS Revepost Com Scam: Check Detailed Usps Reviews Here

The article on USPS Revepost com Scam talked about an online scam scheme.

Do you know about USPS Revepost Scam? How does this Revepost Scam work? If you also want to know the USPS Revepost com Scam details, this article will help you. Many people from the United States have fallen victim to this notorious Scam. 

What Is USPS Revepost Scam?

The acronym ‘USPS’ stands for United States Postal Services, and some scammers have created a dupe website of USPS. The website looks so similar that no one can easily differentiate. 

  • Trust Score: The website has zero (the lowest) trust score. 
  • Date of Formation: On 26th June 2023
  • Date of Expiration On 26th June 2024
  • Suspicious website score: 100 out of 100
  • Malware Score: 80/100
  • Phishing Score: 91/100 

Although, the scam website is now not accessible or working. 

Disclaimer: In this article, we have talked about a website which is a duplicate and a fake website. It is created to scam familiar people.

USPS Revepost com Reviews

 The website has received terrible reviews, as everyone now knows the website is a scam. Many people in the U.S. have fallen victim to this website and lost their money. The website is ranked as high-risk and a phishing website. Many review portals have warned users to stay away from this website. The threat score from this website is also very high; internet users are now reporting and staying away from this website.

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How Does Revepost Scam Works?

The scammers behind the Revepost Scam have designed proper steps to make people believe them and their authenticity. Here are the steps of how the USPS Revepost com Scam works.

  • They will send out text messages to thousands of people randomly. 
  • The text will contain details about some packages, and they will ask for your shipping address.
  • They will provide their website’s link (scam website) to enter the address.
  • Then ask you to fill in your shipping details. 
  • Sometimes, they will ask for your payment details and claim that some amount to pay is pending.

Repercussion Of Entering Details & Visiting Website

Once a netizen visits this website or fill-in their details, they may face difficulties such as;

  • Because the people behind the USPS Revepost com Scam scheme may use your details for malicious activities.
  • They will quickly make transactions from your bank account and use your money.
  • They may also use your identity for illegal work.
  • Your device or system may get infected with malware.
  • They may also harm you, as they have your address, etc. 

Everyone must beware of this website and avoid it at all costs. If, in any case, one feels like they have fallen victim or have been tricked into it, one must inform their bankers and cybercrime cell. 


In the article on USPS Revepost com Scam, we talked about a scam that is common nowadays in the U.S. They will send you a text message along with a link to a scam website, and once you click on it or do what they have asked you to do, you have fallen victim to an online scam scheme. Thus, beware; we are providing the official USPS website’s link here.

Have you received a text from Revepost? Please let us know what you did next in the comments.

Updates on USPS Revepost Scam: FAQs

Q1. What is Revepost Scam?

A1. It is a scam related to postal services and online fake websites.

Q2. What is the full form of USPS?

A2. It stands for United States Postal Services.

Q3. How will the scammers approach you?

A3. They will send you a text message and provide a link.

Q4. What are the consequences if one falls victim?

A4. Their bank balance will be emptied, and their personal information will be used for illegal things.

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