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Are you looking for valuable information to improve your health? Are you looking for genuine diet, health, and fitness tips? Do you want to be updated about trends in commercial pharmaceutical industry in the United States? Then, check about Springhillmedgroup .com, a website hosting health-related articles that may interest you.

About Springhillmedgroup.com:

Tom Bastion is the founder of Spring Hill Med Group. He holds a rich experience as a fitness coach. Springhillmedgroup.com aims to provide enriched information to lead healthier, happier lives.

Springhillmedgroup team comprises nutrition experts that provide valuable information about healthier food choices, diet and meal plans, recipes, Etc. The information and resources on Springhillmedgroup help in achieving your fitness goals.

Tom embraces improving the physical activities of individuals to lead an active lifestyle that helps unlock the full potential of an individual’s health. Larry Pesti is the editor of Springhillmedgroup Com. He holds rich experience as a nutrition expert and website content publisher. 

Larry’s expertise helps publish Springhillmedgroup content that optimises an individual’s well-being. His experience related to dietary plans and habits helps benefit individuals with the power of nutrition. 

Content of Springhillmedgroup.com:

Springhillmedgroup included 177 articles, including

  • 118 articles related to health tips,
  • 12 articles related to nutrition,
  • 11 articles related to fitness, and
  • 24 articles related to trending health news.

The features of Springhillmedgroup.com:

Springhillmedgroup.com is a knowledge-based and health news-based platform publishing health-related articles focusing on commercial pharmaceutical trends, stress reduction, diet, supplements, nutrition, health tips, and improving fitness.

Springhillmedgroup .com did not specify a customer service contact number and address, but its email is contact@springhillmedgroup.com. Springhillmedgroup does not include FAQs and does not publish newsletters.

The terms of use, cookie and privacy policies are mentioned on Springhillmedgroup.com. Springhillmedgroup does not sell any products or services. 

The legitimacy of Springhillmedgroup.com:

Springhillmedgroup.com was registered in the Rajasthan province of India on 13th/August/2021. It is a 2-years old website. Springhillmedgroup was last updated six days ago, on 6th/August/2023. However, Springhillmedgroup’s registration will expire within the next 1-year on 13th/August/2024.

Springhillmedgroup gained an above-average 70%↑ trust, 100%↑ business, 4%↓ suspicion, 1%↓ threat, malware, phishing, and spam scores each. Springhillmedgroup gained 26/100↓ Domain Authority and Zero↓ Alexa rank.

Springhillmedgroup .com IP has Low-Domain Validated Certificates (DV-SSL) for the next 63 days. It uses secured HTTPS protocol, and the website is not blacklisted.

Customer reviews:

Eleven website reviews about Springhillmedgroup.com were positive. No individual users posted reviews or ratings about Springhillmedgroup.com on the internet. Springhillmedgroup.com does not support customer reviews. You may get details on Credit Card Scamming from this post.

Social media links:

  • Springhillmedgroup.com is not present on social media.
  • No social media links were present on Springhillmedgroup.
  • Springhillmedgroup.com does not support blogging.


Springhillmedgroup is possibly legitimate website due to average trust, excellent business; low suspicion, threat, malware, phishing, and spam scores. However, Springhillmedgroup .com has low DA and Alexa rank. Springhillmedgroup is safe for e-transactions. Several websites referred to the articles of Springhillmedgroup related to yoga, smoking, Etc., to bring awareness among users. No video reviews about Springhillmedgroup were found online. The users can also learn about facts on PayPal Scanming here.

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Springhillmedgroup .com – FAQ

1Q. Springhillmedgroup uses how many servers?

Servers serial chain numbers 912b084acf0c18a753f6d62e25a75f5a and 4001772137d4e942b8ee76aa3c640ab7 targeting cesar.ns.cloudflare.com(IP and indie.ns.cloudflare.com(IP located in the USA.

2Q. Who is the registrar of Springhillmedgroup?

123-Reg Limited.

3Q. How much is the visitor count of Springhillmedgroup?

An average of 4.1K visitors monthly from United States(93%), Indonesia(2%), India(1%), Vietnam(1%), and France(1%), yielding a traffic value of $976.

4Q. How much is the speed of Springhillmedgroup?

A load time of 3.76 seconds, 82% B-performance grade, is considered slow.

5Q. Who is the ISP of Springhillmedgroup?

CloudFlare Inc., CO.

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