USPS Reship Scam (August) Check Detailed Legitimacy!

USPS Reship Scam has covered the modus operandi of the delivery scam along with guidelines and reporting methods given by postal services.

Have you received any text messages from USPS for confirmation of package delivery? Some people using online services like dating sites, job portals, and chat rooms are soft targets for scammers operating from abroad. The United States postal department has warned citizens of text messages prompting them to click on the given link.

The department has further confirmed that this message is not from them and people should avoid clicking on such links. USPS Reship Scam has summarized all the details related to this postal delivery text message.

Modus Operandi of Reshipping Scammers:

The latest target of scammers is the United States Postal Service (USPS) customer, as many complaints related to this have reached the USPS office. The primary aim of the scammers is to get information like the telephone number and contact address of the client. 

Customers are sent a link asking them to refill the details as the parcel was returned due to an incomplete address. There are drawbacks to opening the link, as it may corrupt the device.

USPS Text Message Scam:

USPS has issued a notification related to a text scam carried out in the name of the postal service. They have warned the customers that no message related to failed delivery is being sent to them, and they should avoid clicking on the text link. According to the postal service, it can be in different forms listed below.

  • The client can receive a bogus email related to failed delivery.
  • The customers can receive
  • a telephone message.
  • Customers can also receive a link message diverting them to a scam portal. 

USPS Text Message Scam is generally carried out by scammers in east European or African countries and targets regular internet users. Postal services have released some guidelines for its customers that are discussed in the next section of the write-up.

Guidelines Issued by the USPS:

USPS has given detailed information about the delivery scam on its portal and issued a guideline for the safety of its clients. 

  • Avoid clicking on the link of delivery failure by USPS.
  • Look for errors in the message, as poor grammar indicates a scam.
  • Please do not share your personal information, as USPS never asks for it in the mail.
  • Use security software.

USPS Reship Scam on “How to Report it to Postal services”:

Postal services have asked their clients to report the incident to them on, and they should also attach the below-given information with it.

  • The scam email should be forwarded to the above address with the customer’s name.
  • Text messages should be copied and pasted into the email.
  • Customers should provide relevant information like money lost to the scammer or personal details stolen.

Final verdict:

People are advised to visit the portal of the postal service and contact its executives for additional information on this scam. USPS Reship Scam post has tried its best to give all the relevant details related to the delivery scam to online customers.

Have you received a delivery scam message recently? Share your story in the comment section below.

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