Special.USPS.com Scam (Jan 2022) Stay Alert Of Lookalike

Are you informed of valid information on Special.USPS.com Scam? Then, please arrive at this writing to get the newest knowledge about the site.

Have you ever looked at a website claiming to give Covid test kits? If not, then kindly focus on this write-up to get authentic details. 

The United States government has recently inaugurated a website that allows the native people to conclude free tests for Covid. But, many portals with identical interfaces are popping up, confusing the public. Moreover, those suspicious websites trap people by pretending to serve the kits. 

So, in this write-up on Special.USPS.com Scam, we will talk about the entire fact. 

What Is Covidtests.gov? 

According to our research, it allows the local people to get vaccinated by simple steps. Moreover, they granted people to purchase free-of-cost home Covid tests on the website. In addition, they have also mentioned that the parcels will be sent to the users within 7-12 days. 

However, this site also suggests resources for people who want another Covid test or need more than the test available over the portal. Now, we will highlight more details in the next passage to find facts of Special.USPS.com Scam

What Is It Offering? 

It permits people to check whether they are affected by the virus or not. Moreover, we have seen that their tests are beneficial in many ways, so let us find a few test utilities. 

  • The test can be conducted anywhere around clean areas.
  • You will get accurate results within 30 minutes.
  • They are not PCRs but employ a rapid antigen process.
  • It will work irrespective you have the virus symptoms. 

About Special.USPS.com Scam

As mentioned earlier, through the Covidtests.gov website, you can order the kit as required. But, when you press the ‘Order Free At- Home Tests’ button, it will take you to Special.USPS.com, which is not working at present. 

But, apart from these sites, any other suspicious sites are seen on the Internet that is usually looking to scam people. Moreover, a source cited that the false sites are providing costly tests. Thus, let us see what people respond to this site in detail. 

People Comments

The reviews against/for Special.USPS.com Scam are not unavailable for now over the Internet. But, on a site, a user has given a 3-star rating to Special.usps.com, stating that it is a wonderful thing. However, we cannot decipher this statement for checking the website’s reality. 

Additional Important Details 

  • Special.usps.com Creation Date– 07-10-1997.
  • Trust Rank Value– Unavailable.
  • Website’s Suspension Date– 07-09-2022. 
  • Trust Score– 99 % implying a good trust score. 

The Closing Thoughts 

This post has dug out a site to check whether it is a fraud or not. But after researching on Special.USPS.com Scam, we have found that the site is unavailable and suggest you avoid suspicious sites that might con you. 

Besides, this write-up has told us about Covidtests.gov, serving free Covid tests. Visit here if you want to be protected by online scams

Has this article provided convenient knowledge? If you have updated details, write to us now. 

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