Planet Shaper Aut New Universe (Sep) Details Inside!

The guide shares details about the new stand called Planet Shaper Aut New Universe that players are eager to unlock.

A Universal Time or AUT is getting famous amongst the United States and Canada players and for many good reasons. The specifications and stands included in the game are highly powerful, and the players often use them to enjoy playing the game. 

The developers also focus on keeping the gamers engaged in the game by launching new specs and stands. Planet Shaper is the new Camellia Stand launched by the AUT team. The Planet Shaper Aut New Universe unlocks many abilities and enhances the gaming experience of the players.

What is Planet Shaper in AUT?

Planet Shaper is the new Camellia Stand, or Song included in the AUT New Universe. The stand is released by Alu_Dev, a member of the AUT Team. Planet Shaper is an available stand and has many great mobilities and skills. It is abbreviated to PS instead of Planet Shaper. 

It is an S tier stand in the tier list and listed as A+ Tier in PvP Tier List. Players are often irritated when fighting with Planet Shaper because the stand has spammable click moves that cause great damage to the character. It is challenging to escape the stand. 

How to Get the Planet Shaper Aut New Universe?

As mentioned, Planet Shaper is obtainable in the game. Players can get it by communicating with the Meteors that tend to spawns on the mountains. However, players must equip with Crystallized when interacting with the Meteors to get the Planet Shaper.

Players have 1 out of 50 chances to obtain the Planet Shaper in the game. Players have to use the Arrow key to obtain the Planet Shaper in AUT.

What are the Abilities of Planet Shaper in AUT?

Planet Shaper is the S Tier Stand that comes with many abilities to enhance the gaming experiences. For example, with Planet Shaper Aut New Universe, players can unlock the barrage that lets them get faster with each punch.      

It causes 1-damage per punch and can deal damages up to 49 and last for 7.5 seconds. After unlocking the barrage, it summons exploding crystals that can cause 15 damages per punch and knock the enemy efficiently. 

In the two sec mark, you will see crystal lines across the barrage running swiftly. Apart from Planetary Barrage, it specializes in teleportation warp punch, infuser, ground slam, reality shift, dash, wing slash, and jump. It gets faster, and the damages increase up to 31 gradually.


Planet Shaper Aut New Universe is getting famous amongst gamers. So ensure to get it in the game to maximize your gaming experience. 

A Universal Time or AUT has many specs and stands that make the game interesting for the players. For example, Planet Shaper is the new stand in the New Universe. Players can get it because the stand is obtainable, requiring players to communicate with Meteors spawning on the mountains. 

Have you ever encountered the Camellia Stand in the game? How was your experience? Would you mind sharing it in the comment section below?

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