Why Did Max Leave First Take {Sep} Get Complete Insight!

Please read this article to know about Why Did Max Leave First Take and the controversy behind it.

Are you a sports fan? Are you a constant viewer of sports debates and sports analysis? Have you heard about the popular ESPN show First Take? After hosting it for five years, are you aware of Max Kellerman leaving the popular sports debate show ‘First Take’? Do you know that there is considerable controversy building regarding the quit? Then read this article as we debrief the controversy.

The sports debate show ‘First Take’ is one of ESPN’s most popular morning shows in the United States and has attracted people primarily because of its hosts Max Kellerman and Stephen A. Smith, who gave top-notch insights. But, Why Did Max Leave First Take? The controversy builds after reports unfold.

What is First Take?

First Take is a famous American talk show majorly dealing with sports debates and sports insights hosted and aired by the ESPN Network daily from 10 AM ET till late noon. The show hosts a bench of popular sports analysts and hosts who break down every instance.

Jay Crawfold and Dana Jacobson first hosted the show, but in 2011 various show segments were changed, and Skip Bayless was appointed as the host. In 2012, Jay Crawfold quit the show, and Stephen A. Smith was brought as the main face. In 2016 when Bayless left for a rival channel, Max Kellerman was introduced alongside Smith. 

Why Did Max Leave First Take; The beginning of the controversy:

The entire plot of controversy started many years prior when Max Kellerman has spent almost two years as the co-host alongside Smith. The first reported issue started when Smith, in a public interview, stated that Max was always over-enthusiastic and left no scope of dilemma or benefit of doubts in the debating panel. This led to the budding of controversy. 

In the past years, Smith was out of the show as he had undergone his sleep apnea surgery and is recovering, where Max Kellerman had to continue with the show alone, which was a dissatisfaction for Smith. So Why Did Max Leave First Take? This question has risen after recently the official Twitter handle of ‘First Take’ bid farewell to the face of the show Max Kellerman.

The Reports answer:

If reports are to be believed and relied upon, then the answer to our question has been very prominently put out in various channels. According to the reports, Stephen A. Smith wanted Max Kellerman off the popular sports debate show for years. However, the reason given was pretty professional that Smith found that Max Kellerman’s role as a debate model was not reverberating as he did not leave any benefit of the doubt. So, Why Did Max Leave First Take? Recently, after ESPN took Max Kellerman off the show, Smith stated his gratitude and wished for his long-time co-host and probably was the only person to put a statement before everybody else. Although he claims that there is nothing personal, it does pretty much seems so.


As the final answer, the only thing that can be said for definite is that ESPN is not letting Max Kellerman leave the channel and has put him up in another Boxing Talk Show. However, the professional grudges and influence upon the channel by Smith answer the question as to Why Did Max Leave First Take. You can also know more about Max Kellerman leaving First Take

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