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Aut New Universe Trello {Aug 2021} Game Zone Updates!

Gaming Tips Aut New Universe Trello

This article gives information about the latest updates in Aut New Universe Trello and about is upcoming events.

Did you know about the popular Roblox game A Universal Time? Do you know that developers have released a new map in the game? Did you know what other updates are in the game? When will other updates be released? What is the concept of the game?

AUT is a popular game in the United States. But, currently, due to changes in the game, the users are confused about obtaining treasure chests and few other game details. This article on Aut New Universe Trello focuses on all the updates.

What is AUT?

A Universal Time is a game on the Roblox platform. It was initially released in 2018. It is based on the work of author Hirohiko Araki’s JoJo Bizarre Adventure, which is a popular manga series. AUT is created by Universe Time Studio gaming company. Kur Dev is the creator of the game. The animation art is from SIXER Company. AUT is an adventure game where players fight against each other, obtain various treasure chests, farming different items. New updates to AUT were rolled out on 30th August 2021 after testing.

Updates in Aut New Universe Trello:

The whole game was remodeled and reworked. The character gets teleported into a portal that looks like a black hole. Unlike a black hole, the portal is bright in color, circling a yellow color hole in the center. The characters enter a new universe. That’s not all; more updates will be released in parts.  So, let’s look at the updates in the game:

  • D4C 
  • Gojo Satoru spec from Jujutsu Kaisen will be similar to Goku with better combat moves.
  • Weather Report 
  • Omnitrix from the Ben 10 series will be similar to Goku
  • SP Rework 
  • Amon from TLOK is also introduced in the game
  • TW Rework Know more about updates in Aut New Universe Trello below.
  • Gamemodes
  • SP TW Rework 
  • Shinigami Remodel 
  • JSP Rework 
  • Reaper Remodel 
  • Naruto Nine tails spec
  • DTW Rework

Other Updates:

  • Killua Spec update was planned after DELTA.
  • Sans update was planned after DELTA. But, later disconfirmed it, and developers are currently working on it. In addition, Nocturnus and Sol are also worked upon.
  • Jonathan Joestar boss and Sharingan Spec were leaked but not confirmed.
  • Rajini will be updated after Goku Spec.
  • Goku updates plan, giving more abilities, levels of power, and effects.
  • Silver Chariot will be coming after NU.
  • Updates to Hermit Purple Rework, Luffy Spec, Megumin Spec, and Tanjiro Spec in Aut New Universe Trello are unknown.
  • VQ is getting renamed and remodeled as Oblivion Killer Queen. It will be unobtainable. But, Killer Queen and variants were Reworked and can be obtained.
  • The World Requiem Rework is an upcoming update.


The comments by many gamers on social media suggest that due to changes in the map, it is difficult to find different items in the game. The gamers are also confused as few updates are awaited, and the game date may get reset. However, with a new universe, new moves, new characters, and abilities, in Aut New Universe Trello seem to have got gamer’s attention with new areas to explore.

Did you play Aut New Universe ? Let us know about your experience.

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