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Are you a die-hard fan of Deion Sanders? Or Are you browsing for the latest update on basketball? Then this post is for you. 

Individuals of the United States are always trying to get updated on basketball play. In the previous six months, much news has emerged out of Jackson, Mississippi, about Deion Sanders replacing over as Jackson State’s head coach. Let’s know about Deion Sanders Jacksonville State in detail.

Who is Deon Sanders?

Deion Sanders is a former pro baseball and football player. Among the most exciting players to ever play football, Deion Sanders joined with New York Giants after being picked by the Falcons in the 1989 NFL draught. He had been the only sportsman around the United States in history to hit into a double play and score a goal in the same seven-day span while competing for both clubs. 

In addition, Deon seems to be the only player to have ever competed in both the Championship Series & the Super Bowl. 

About Deion Sanders Jacksonville State

March Madness isn’t just for basketball players, as Deion Sanders’ first defeat as the new coach at Jackson State demonstrated. Alabama State defeated Jackson State  35-28 on Saturday in a match full of surprises and controversy. 

As Jackson State knotted the score at 28, Alabama State produced a 50-yard scoring drive from Ezra Gray. Gray, who seemed to have 195 rushing yards, scored his third touchdown of the final quarter. Deion has a lot of excitement to pursue his dream of being a head coach in February. It was a winter match versus an NAIA rival (Edward Waters) in a springtime football season. Continue reading more on Deion Sanders Jacksonville State.

Alumni of Jackson State Set Up

Laura Lewis is the head of the Jackson State alumni. She remains involved because the organization earns the monetary funds to send North and South Carolina kids to JSU.

Deion Sanders Pushed Past Obstacles

Deion Sanders’ debut was a major news event. JSU was predicted to beat Edward Waters on the floor. Several HBCU football fans felt underwhelmed; however, Alabama A&M director Connell Maynor observed the game and felt JSU played great.

Jackson State recovered from a 14-8 lead halfway to earn a 21-14 edge into the final quarter. While analyzing Deion Sanders Jacksonville State, we found that a few long touchdowns rushes secured the win by Hornets defensive back Ezra Gray or a final turnover by JSU quarterback Jalon Jones.


Deion Sander is an athletic hero in high school and got a football, baseball, & track fellowship to Florida State University, wherein he competed in these games. Sanders, according to 16 WAPT, is in line to be the next head football coach. Sanders’ agreement with Under Armour might be a big obstacle to trade. Nike has a partnership with JSU through 2022.

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