Is Venboutique com Legit (July) Read The Reviews Here!

Is Venboutique com Legit (July) Read The Reviews Here! >> Read this informative review based on the thorough investigation to dig in about the actual facts of a website.

In case you are finding an eco-friendly coffee mug with a band, at that time, Venboutique com can fulfill your desire. The boutique is operating in the United States, mainly designed eco-friendly coffee cups for grownups and babies.

However, if you still have doubts about its credentials- it would be better to read this blog, as it contains complete details to clear your doubts ‘Is Venboutique com Legit’ that is provided via conducting thorough research-

Is Venboutique com Authentic?

This section will provide you clear-sightedness about if it is a legitimate or con web property. Let’s start a quick investigation-

  • Domain ID Foundation Date: The ID got registered on 15th April 2021.
  • Trust Rating: It indicates a warning, as it comprises only two ratings out of 100.
  • Address Validity: Address is mismatching. On the search engine, it is showing different business buildings.
  • Social Network Link: Logos are present; however, it is not redirected where it should be. 
  • Missing Information: Cancellation and exchange policy.
  • Reviews: Venboutique com Reviews are unavailable.
  • Registered Details: The domain name is recorded as
  • Operator Details: No operator name is appropriately mentioned.
  • Content Quality: It is very weak; more than 90% of the content is not original.
  • Non-Clickable URL: Yes, present. The contact number, Email ID are broken.
  • Payment System: It accepts only one payment system.

The site is new and needs to create more credentials to compete with other leading web portals. So you may get your answer- yes, the site is not worthy of becoming the first choice for online shopping. Let’s check more to find out ‘Is Venboutique com Legit.’

Overview of Venboutique com:

Bamboo fibers are considered to be an eco-buddy, safe to human material that can be recycled over time and. Venboutique com is an e-portal that brings an innovative product that is made with bamboo threads.

Following the website details, it only concentrates on making bamboo fiber coffee mugs with lids for children and grownups. The products are available in several designs and colors; each item can hold 300ml. Moreover, some of their cups have silicon build handles for easy gripping. But, as we observed, the site has low credentials, so Is Venboutique com Legit?We have to check more details to provide you with the ultimate conclusion.

Specifications of Venboutique com:

  • Address: 10862, Nichols-Blvd 28-1, Olive Branch, MS-38654, United States.
  • Browsing URL:
  • Number: 901-666-7083
  • Email ID:
  • Shipping Cost: It is free.
  • Shipping Time: Delivery is made between 7 to 15 working days.
  • Return Option: Yes, obtainable within 30 days except for the sales item.
  • Cancellation Policy: No details are visible.
  • Payout Modes: PayPal.
  • Refund & Exchange: Refund is only obtainable if the product is returned within 10 days. Exchange details are not visible.
  • Newsletter: Yes, available.
  • Is Venboutique com Legit: It has low credentials.
  • Social Link: Not available.

Why should you purchase from Venboutique com?

  • It sells eco buddy coffee cups made with bamboo treads.
  • The cups have silicon-made lids.
  • It can be purchased with an accessible and free shipping facility.

Why shouldn’t you purchase from Venboutique com?

  • The cancellation and replacement details are unavailable.
  • The return has few conditions.
  • A refund facility has few requirements.
  • Only one payment mode is available.
  • The address is not valid.
  • Weak trust ratings and content quality.
  • Reviews and social connections aren’t visible.

What are the Venboutique com Reviews?

The shopping store hasn’t engaged with the target audience because no remarks can be obtained anywhere (On the site or search engine). Furthermore, the absence of comments on various review sites is also a concerning area.

Besides, you can notice the social networking site’s logos like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, but alas, the symbols redirected us to the login page instead of its official profile. Thus, we can conclude that those logos and the claims connected with social platforms are 100% fake. Therefore, you should be more cautious before sharing your PayPal credentials details with this website, as now the online money scam is emerging.

Final verdict:

The bamboo-made coffee mug is now trending; however, Is Venboutique com Legit? – The thorough investigation has revealed that it is super suspicious with a weak trust rating and content quality. In case you already have faced an online money scam with a Credit Card, know how to get your money from here.

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2 thoughts on “Is Venboutique com Legit (July) Read The Reviews Here!”

  1. I don’t understand why Paypal trust this company. I am s*** out of my money and it’s been over a month and even PayPal won’t help me with this situation. My advice is to not order from these people they are not legit nor to they communicate. As a matter of fact I had to cancel my debit card due to suspicious activity can’t say it’s them but I can’t say it’s not. I am not very happy as I don’t make a lot of money I ordered a futon because I can’t afford to buy a couch guess what I’ve got nothing now I can’t afford to buy something twice.


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