When Will Apex Be Fixed (July 2021) Read Details Here!

When Will Apex Be Fixed (July 2021) Read Details Here! >> This article has every detail available on the recent hack on one of the most played online battle royale games.

Do you play Apex Legends regularly? Are you getting a weird message or any notice after playing every match? 

We are here to tell you When Will Apex Be Fixed and who is it acting weird. People of the United States and Canada have been reporting this issue on a large scale. And even Respawn has acknowledged this on Twitter.

About Apex Legends

Apex Legends is an online free for all battle royale game with heroes. Apex is issued by Electronic Arts and developed by Respawn Entertainment. The game is available on smartphones, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and Nintendo Switch. However, you can play this game on many other devices using the cross-platform play feature.

Keep on reading this article to know When Will Apex Be Fixed. And what did Respawn and EA has to say on this. 

Apex Legends currently has over 100 million active players on all platforms. The number itself is proof that it is one of the most played online games out there, and if such a famous hit gets hacked, no wonder the word will spread fast.

What is Apex Legends Error and What is the Big News?

Players from all over the world have reported on social media are saying that the game has been hacked and made unplayable. Everyone’s wondering When Will Apex Be Fixed. Every time you try to match, the “an important message” dialog box pops up with the message saying visit and repost savetitanfall.com.

Titanfall is one of the previous game series by Respawn. Titanfall is prone to hackers that make the game unplayable most of the time. People have filed many petitions to Respawn to look into the matter and bring back the quality of the game, but nothing seemed to work. 

As an outrage, a group of hackers has hacked Apex Legends to draw everyone’s attention. Titanfall’s official website released a statement that they aren’t associated with the hack on Apex.

When Will Apex Be Fixed?

From official Apex Legends News to Respawn, everyone has tweeted or released a statement about this matter. Respawn claimed that they are doing a server update to solve the matchmaking issue and release an update. In another tweet, they say that the error has been resolved, and everything should be back to normal soon. But that is not completely true as people have been reporting errors even till now. 

What is the Purpose of SAVETITANFALL.COM?

The website accused EA of fraud for selling the rights of the game Titanfall while it was unplayable and full of issues. The website claims that it is a source to bring back the old Titanfall to its prime.


It isn’t sure When Will Apex Be Fixed, but it is safe to say that it will be soon. The million-dollar game is hacked, and nobody knows who did it. You can also check the news on Apex  to stay updated.

What do you think on how much time will it take Respawn and EA to resolve the issue? Comment below. 

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