How To Get A Refund On Credit Card If Scammed? – Facts!

How To Get A Refund On Credit Card If Scammed? – Facts! >>  The guide helps credit card users learn how to claim a refund for credit card scams and frauds.

If you fall prey to credit card fraud, you are not alone, as many fall prey to such scams. Over 4 million cases of credit card frauds and scams are reported to Federal Trade Commission every year, and the number keeps increasing by 40-45 percent every year. 

The key to minimize the threat is early detection and taking action immediately. Furthermore, taking privileges of available resources and implementing smart habits can help Worldwide users.     

So, here are a few tips on How To Get A Refund On Credit Card If Scammed?

What is Credit Card Scam?

Credit Card fraud or scams is the type of identity theft where scammers and cyber-criminals make purchases using the victims’ credit cards. 

It may occur to any Worldwide credit cardholders through account numbers and PINs, physical credit card theft, and a new credit card account being operated in your name without your consent. 

As they successfully gain access to your credit card account or physical card, they run up charges and sent you and your company with the credit card bill. Credit card companies are aware of such scams and continuously develop new methods and tricks to prevent illicit credit card usages. 

Different Types of Credit Card Scams

Credit card scammers and criminals use advanced technologies to ferret out the card number and PINs, integrating tried and tested tricks to perform the scams. Before moving to the section How To Get A Refund On Credit Card If Scammed, let us check some of the common types of credit card scams as below:

  • Card Theft – Snatching the credit card from the wallet is common to gain access to a credit card. Swiping the new card from the mailbox is also a classic way of card theft. So, if any new card is issued and despite the dispatch of the card you have not received, inform the issuer immediately.
  • Account Takeover – Scammers approach the issuers and use the owner’s personal info to change access to passwords, PINs, and mailing addresses and gain control over the account, which you will never get back again. So, you must ensure setting up a verbal password that is not documented anywhere, and this can prevent card password theft. 
  • Cloning of Card – There are devices called skimmers, and they are installed over the card readers present at retail sales terminals, and it enables the scammers to grab the card number when swiping at these terminals to create a duplicate card for illegal usages. So, always use EMV supported chip to prevent such things from occurring.  

How To Get A Refund On Credit Card If Scammed – Nation Wise!

Credit card fraud occurs to global users, and the methods to report and getting back the money varies according to the country you reside. So, below is the nation wise guide on how to get a refund for credit card scams. 

United States

  • You have to approach the merchant for the credit card refund. But merchant only helps when there are multiple transactions for a single purchase and incorrect transactions. If you are the victim of a scam, approaching a merchant won’t help.
  • If your merchant fails to refund, you may request your issuer for a chargeback. Share the proof of scam with them and ask for a chargeback. 

After sharing all relevant details to the Federal Trade Commission, the authorities will take necessary action until it is settled. The process may take a few days or months to complete. 


  • The first step is to approach the merchant for a refund.
  • If you don’t get any response, apply for a chargeback with your card issuer. 
  • The time limit for completing the chargeback with the issuer is 45-120 days.
  • If your request is rejected, you may also file a dispute for unfair rejection of your claim to the Australian Financial Complaints Authority.     

United Kingdom

Residents in the United Kingdom must know How To Get A Refund On Credit Card If Scammed as the process is different.

  • Approach the merchant to raise a dispute about the credit card scam. If your merchant refuses to help you get the refund, you have to take the following steps. 
  • Laws in the UK protect the citizens from all scams. Consumer Credit Act under section 75 helps victims to get a refund for the credit card scams.
  • Different laws can help victims to get a refund for credit card scams. 


If your credit card is scammed in Canada, raising a dispute for the scam would be a good move rather than approaching the merchant. 

  • First, you have to approach the card issuers to raise a dispute. Accompany your file with evidence of a credit card scam.
  • Secondly, you may also raise a dispute at your bank, where you hold the credit card account. 
  • Please wait for the response after raising the dispute, as it takes time to resolve the dispute.   


In India, credit card networks and credit card issuers are the two departments that look after credit card frauds and help victims to get back the money. 

  • Each card transaction is reported to the issuers, and hence the issuer helps the users get a refund for the scams. 
  • Victims have to file a report and accompany their application with an “FIR” from the local police station.  

To Sum Up

Credit Card Fraud is the repulsive side effect of the convenience of using the card for online shopping. Unfortunately, credit card frauds and scams are increasing as scammers come forth with new tricks and methods to scam and cheat innocent card users. 

Suppose you fall prey to credit card victim act promptly and determinedly as it can help you restrict the damages and get a refund for the credit card fraud. Use the helpful guide above on How To Get A Refund On Credit Card If Scammed

Have you ever fall prey to credit card frauds? How did you claim your refund? Please share your experience in the comment section. Also, please click here to know more about the type of Credit Card scams.