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In this article How Much Is 2k22 on Ps4, we discussed a famous basketball league. Please read the article if you are interested.

Do you play games? Do you like NBA? What is this NBA 2K22? When will NBA 2K22 will release? To know the answer to these questions, follow this article.

National Basketball Association or popularly known as NBA, is a very popular league in North America. This league involves professional Basketball players. This league has many fans in United States, Australia and worldwide. A video game is releasing based on this league, and people want to know How Much Is 2k22 on Ps4?

NBA League 

National Basketball Association is the organizer of the world-famous basketball league. In the North American region, this league is very popular. It was founded on the 6th of June 1946. This league has nearly 30 Men’s Basketball teams competing against each other. 

NBA is one of the professional leagues played in Canada and the United States of America. The revenue of the league is one of the top four in the world. There are 29 teams from the United States, and one team is from Canada. 

NBA 2K22 

NBA 2K22 is a video game based on the NBA league. How Much Is 2k22 on Ps4? Price of this game for Ps4 is around $60. This game is released on 10th September 2021. Players can play this game on Xbox One, Xbox series s and Xbox series X, Play station 5, Play station 4, Microsoft Windows and others. 

Reviews of the game are very nice. Players who enjoy basketball can try out this game. Reviews on trusted websites are average but overall not too bad. There are also some mixed reviews on this game. Players are enjoying this game, especially avid fans of the NBA seem to like this game. To know more, please continue reading this article. 

How Much Is 2k22 on Ps4?

Price of NBA 2K22 on different platforms are as follows:

  • Play Station 4- Price is $59.99
  • Xbox one- Price is $59.99
  • Xbox Series X- $69.99
  • Play Station 5- $69.99
  • PC- $59.99
  • Nintendo Switch- $59.99

Features of NBA 2K22

  • The player can choose their favorite teams and star players. This game provides the authenticity of the original game.
  • New seasons for the game are released often. It keeps the game interesting.
  • The player can set up their game according to their strategy.
  • Players have the liberty to choose their dream team in the game.
  • Players can invite their friends to play with them.
  • How Much Is 2k22 on Ps4? Stop worrying. This game is affordable
  • The game is also filled with rewards and gifts.
  • Players can experience great graphics.
  • Players can also take control of the game as the league manager.


NBA is a famous professional Basketball league worldwide. Every professional player dreams to be a part of this game or league. Players in the league are widely famous and followed by millions. This league is a great source of entertainment. A game based on NBA is also a good experience. 

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