How To Get 2k22 Early (Sep 2021) About Early Access!

In this post, you will know How to Get 2k22 Early access to the latest NBA 2k22 game.

Are you eagerly waiting for the release of NBA 2k22 and want to get it as soon as possible? Then you are in the right place. We will be discussing NBA 2k22 and how you can get this before anyone else. 

NBA 2k22 has made exciting hype in the gamers community since the game is in its best version, and we all know everything in the game will be at its best. Gamers from the United States, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and many other countries are waiting for this game to release.

Let us discuss more How to Get 2k22 Early further in this post.

What is NBA 2k22?

Before talking about early access, let us have a brief introduction to the game. 2k22 is the latest version of the NBA 2k series packed up with exciting features, and the gameplay of this game is amazing.

The game is accessible for almost all the gaming platforms PS4, PS5, XBoxOne, PC, Nintendo Switch and what not.

The newest version of the NBA 2k series is 2k22 which is expected to release on 10 September 2021; even when the date is so close, gamers want this game as early as possible so let’s see about its early access. 

How to Get 2k22 Early Access? 

Many critics have different tactics for getting this game early. However, we recommend waiting for the game to release in your country as it is only a matter of hours and won’t cause any future troubles.

Unfortunately, the game does not have any demo version, so you can only get it early by switching your time zone into New Zealand time. The timeline of New Zealand is fairly forward than other countries. 

The game will launch approximately 12 hours early in New Zealand. Below are the tactics on How to Get 2k22 Early access for different device users:

  • Xbox users – If you are an Xbox player, you have to change the system language and location and reset the console.
  • PlayStation users – If you are a PS4, PS5 player, you need to create a whole new account with the region as New Zealand. 
  • PC Users – If you are a PC user, use VPN to install the game early. If you are stuck with it, there are probably tons of tutorials on the internet to guide you How to Get 2k22 Early access with this technique.

The Final Verdict

We advise that you wait for some hours and enjoy the game without any issues after its official release in your country. There is probably not much time left to its release anyways.

Hope this game gets up to the expectations of the gamers and NBA lovers. If you played any game of this series, then this might interest you. Check out here for a preorder of this game

What is your level of expectation from this new NBA game? Let us know in the comments section below. Also, do share this How to Get 2k22 Early post to inform others.

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