Kristine Hermosa Siblings (Sep) Read Authentic Details!

Please go through this news report to be acquainted with Kristine Hermosa Siblings, their works in the entertainment industry, and personal relationship.

There are many professionals whose family members are in the same line of work. Irrespective of having blood relations, we often hear about sibling rivalry and competition amongst each other, especially if the profession is linked to the screen. However, many siblings are working in the industry, respecting each other’s work without any comparison.

In this news report, we have talked about Kristine Hermosa Siblings, their works, and their apparent familial relationship, which their fans in the Philippines are keen to know.

Who is Kristine Hermosa?

Kristine Hermosa is a well-known actress in the Filipino industry who has worked in numerous regional and international television serials and films. Her full name is Kristine Hermosa Orille-Sotto, and she prefers to call herself only Hermosa, which is the Spanish word for beautiful.

Kristine was married to actor Diether Ocampo, but they separated after five years. In 2011, she married host and actor Oyo Boy Sotto, and the couple has five children. Kristine Hermosa Siblings are often seen on her social media posts. 

Kristine was disclosed to the limelight at the age of twelve and soon began working in drama serials. Hermosa received a breakthrough in 2000 from a popular TV show called Pangako Sa ‘Yo. After that, she has worked over two decades in the entertainment industry, performing lead roles in many films and soaps.

Famous Works of Kristine Hermosa

Kristine enacted the main role of Ysabel in ABS-CBN’s ‘Til Death Do Us Part, broadcast in 2005. In 2010, she performed in a unique fantasy-action series Noah, where she characterized a diwata, a mythical figure. Please read further to know about Kristine Hermosa Siblings.

Her first prominent role for the Global Media Arts was in Hay, Bahay, telecast in 2016 and 2017, where she played the character of Batch. She made her comeback in the industry with Bagani, a drama based on adventure and fantasy, in 2018 under ABS-CBN.

Kristine is also the brand ambassador of Selecta Ice Cream since 2020. 

Awards Received

Attributing to her popularity and success, Kristine Hermosa became the Box Office Queen in 2006. She was also one of the awardees in the New York Film Festival held in 2011 for Dahil May Isang Ikaw

Kristine Hermosa Siblings

Kristine Hermosa has an elder sister named Kathleen Hermosa, who is also a popular Filipino actress. Some of Kathleen’s famous soaps include Honesto, Nathaniel, The Good Son, etc. Her latest work was the drama TV series Staria, where she played the role of Frida. 

Kristine Hermosa has another sister named Maxine and a brother named Joshua Miguel. There are frequent posts on the social media of the Hermosa siblings, and their familial relation appears to be amicable. 


Although there might be rumors about their sibling rivalry, but according to the photos that Kristine Hermosa Siblings share, it is evident that they share a close bond. Also, in many of the posts, Kathleen is seen to spend good times with Kristine’s kids. You may want to know more about Kristine Hermosa  and her popular serials. 

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