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In this article, we have discussed if Were There Any Survivors on Flight 93 of United Airlines during the September 11 attack in the U.S.

Do you recall the circumstances of Flight 93? Do you recall what occurred 20 years ago today? Or are you looking for survivors of the massive disaster? If that’s the case, keep reading to learn more.

On September 11 2001, the United States faced the greatest terrorist attack ever. Although it has been 20 years since the tragedy, many people are still searching for Were There Any Survivors on Flight 93 and want to know more about it. So, in this article, we shall discuss if there are any survivors of the plane crash.

What happened on 9/11?

The September 11 terrorist attacks, widely known as the 9/11 terrorist attacks, occurred on September 11, 2001, were number of terrorist attacks by the Islamic extremist organisation Al-Qaeda. That morning 19 terrorist captured 4 commercial and passenger flights that was flying to California from other northeast states of the country. 

For the terrorist mission, four terrorist groups were formed. In each of the four groups there was a terrorist in charge of taking control of the fight who had already obtained professional flight training. Before we get into Were There Any Survivors on Flight 93, let’s take a look at each of the four planes.

Which flights were hijacked in the 9/11 attacks? 

The terrorist group captured four American aircraft on the morning of September 11. The Flight 11 of American Airlines and the United Airlines Flight were the first two hijacked jets to strike their target. Together these planes crashed into the building of World Trade Center’s North Tower and South Tower located in Manhattan.

The Flight 77 of American Airlines was the third jet that flew into the west of the American military’s headquarters building – Pentagon. The Flight 93 of United Airlines was the fourth one. Before we found out if Were There Any Survivors on Flight 93, we need to understand more about it.

About the United Airlines Flight 93

As part of the 11 September attacks, four al-Qaeda terrorists hijacked United Airlines Flight 93, a domestically scheduled passenger flight. Just within 46 minutes after takeoff, the flight was hijacked by the terrorists. 

Ziad Jarrah, an Al-Qaeda militant, seized control over the plane and redirected it back to the east coast, intending to strike the U.S Capitol Building in Washington D.C. But the plane crashed into a field in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, while passengers and crew were trying to regain control over the plane.

Were There Any Survivors on Flight 93?

When the terrorists hijacked United Airlines Flight 93, instead of surrendering control of the plane, the passengers fought the hijackers to regain it. The hijackers purposefully crashed the jet into a field in Pennsylvania. The U.S. Capitol Building was spared because of the bravery of the passengers. Unfortunately, 33 passengers and crew members and four hijackers died on Flight 93, and there were no survivors.


The Americans were terrified by the 9/11 incident. After the incident, a memorial was built to honour the selfless courage of passengers and crew members aboard United Airlines Flight 93. Visit the United Airlines Flight 93 Wikipedia page   to learn more.

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