Xiaomi Roidmi Eve Plus – Revolutionizing Home Cleaning!

The guide shares details about the new Xiaomi Roidmi Eve Plus robot vacuum and the features to help buyers make a wise buying decision. 

Lack of time and tidy house is now compatible with the new ROIDMI Eve Plus robot vacuum. Xiaomi Roidmi Eve Plus is here again to surprise the homemakers with the advanced model of robot vacuum cleaner backed by advanced performance and competitive pricing. 

ROIDMI Eve Plus robot vacuum is designed for those homemakers who are allergic to pet dander. Your canine friend tends to shed lots of dander and hair, especially when they change from winter to summer coat. So, ROIDMI Eve Plus robot vacuum is here to take all the hassles by keeping your house clean and tidy without any dander on the floor. 

ROIDMI Eve Plus robot vacuum with powerful suction and mopping capacity combined with 18 sensors promises to vacuum the dander anytime, anywhere while emptying the waste and sterilizing the unit to prevent allergies.

Key Highlights of the Product

  • Automated Dust Station – The robot vacuum cleaner comes with a dedicated application that allows users to command the robot to empty the dust cup after every cleaning session and go back to work or schedule cleaning from the application. Users can schedule everything, and the dust station will handle the waste disposal after the vacuum docks are back.
  • Automated Sterilization – The robot vacuum cleaner also comes with a built-in deodorization and sterilization system to control the allergy triggering pet dander microbial, dust mites, and more present in the waste.
  • Value for Money – Enjoy a great performance at a very affordable price with this robot vacuum cleaner, and check the retail price before buying. Major specifications include LDS laser navigation, 2700pa suction power, 250m2 at a go, 250 minutes runtime, vacuuming with mopping.

Product Features

LDS Laser Navigation 

  • Auto Dust Station – The robot vacuum eliminates the hassles of emptying the dust cup because it is done automatically by the robot vacuum. It comes with a dedicated application to control the robot for cleaning from anywhere and anytime.
  • The dust station comes with built-in sterilization and deodorization system that sterilizes the dust mites, hair, and other microbes from the dust bag within 12 seconds. It prevents the allergy-triggering allergens from entering your house from the dust bag.
  • Algorithm Path Planning – ROIDMI Eve Plus robot vacuum comes with an algorithm path planning feature that works using the principle of along-side first and bow-shaped planning. 
  • The ROIDMI Eve Plus robot vacuum also has multi-floor mapping capacity with precision scanning of layout and adjusts the right map for optimal cleaning. 
  • It features side brushes that rotate at high speed, and the vacuum mode adjusts automatically for high-speed sidewall cleaning and corners.      

Battery Life

ROIDMI Eve Plus robot vacuum comes with a powerful 5200mAh battery that offers up to 250 minutes of long runtime and can cover up to 250 sq. meters when fully charged. 


The dedicated application of ROIDMI Eve Plus robot vacuum offers details of the dust disposal station and allows controlling the device for cleaning. It also lets you know dust bag condition, cleaning path, dust bag operation guide, battery life, and vacuum time. 

Users can also customize cleaning according to size and spaces of the room, custom-clean specific areas in a room, scheduled cleaning MI home, cleaning queue, Google Assistant Voice, and Alexa Control.


The ROIDMI Eve Plus robot vacuum comes with the cleaning and suction power of 2700pa, and it features side brushes that rotate at high speed with auto adjustments. The flexible nozzle adjusts automatically according to floor condition and surfaces for cleaning.   

The smart water tank of the vacuum cleaner can hold 250ml of water for wet mopping of the floor. The stimulating hand mopping has 3-stage U-route mapping for precise cleaning of surfaces. 

Obstacle Avoidance

The ROIDMI Eve Plus robot vacuum is smart that gets slower when it senses any obstacles on the path. It is equipped with an IR sensor that senses the obstacles and makes the robot slower to avoid the obstacles on the path. It also comes with an anti-bumping sensor on both sides with a threshold climbing of 2cm. 

The Final Thoughts

ROIDMI Eve Plus robot vacuum definitely gets your cleaning job done efficiently without your intervention. It has strong suction power and efficient brushes for deep and effective cleaning of the surfaces. It is a boon for homeowners with canine friends as it is efficient in trapping the pet dander and keeps your house clean always. Above all, the ROIDMI Eve Plus Robot Vacuum is affordable. 

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