Mostopscovid Win Com {Sep} Read To Earn Exciting Prizes!

In this post, we have discussed the details of the Mostopscovid Win com incentive program and how to enter it.

Are you an American citizen from the state of Missouri? Have you received your Covid 19 vaccination? Do you know you can get a lottery prize just by getting vaccinated? Continue reading the article to know about such a scheme.

The Missouri state is partnering with Missouri Lottery to give lottery prices to residents who have or will get vaccinated, and people in the United States want to know more about the scheme. So, in this article, we will discuss Mostopscovid Win com.

What is Mostopscovid Win all about?

The vaccination incentive program of Missouri, known as MO VIP, rewards people who have taken the COVID 19 or Coronavirus vaccination. Effective from July 2021, the Senior Services and Missouri Department of Health will collaborate with Missouri Lottery for choosing hundred and eighty winners in five randomised draws.

Each randomized draw will choose one person who will receive either 10000 dollars in money or 10000 dollars toward an educational bank account. All through the MO VIP incentive scheme, the state government will reward 900 people in total. The official website of this initiative is Mostopscovid Win com. Before we know more about the rewards, let us know more about the ways to enter into the vaccine incentive program.

How to enter the incentive program?

At the MOStopsCovid com/win website, the Missourians may enter the program by submitting the online form available on the site. The residents of Missouri can also contact at 877-435-8411 if they cannot enter the program through an online form or are facing difficulty with the online process.

The Missouri resident who has already been vaccinated earlier needs to enter separately as they will not be automatically entered. 

What are the rewards available to the Mostopscovid Win com winner?

Missourians who have entered the vaccination Incentive program after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine are eligible to receive it in the Red, White, and Blue pools. Individuals aged 18 and up will be separated into two parts, the White and the Red. Their placement in the White or Red pools would be decided by the time of their first immunization.

The Red pool includes anyone who was immunized on or after July 21, 2021. Those who were immunized before July 21, 2021, will be placed in the White pool. After entering, Missouri residents aged 18 and above will be eligible for a $10,000 cash prize.

Mostopscovid Win com also has a Blue Pool for adolescents between the ages of 12 to 17. And through the MOST 529 program of Missouri State Treasurer, the Missouri resident in the Blue Pool would be able to win $10,000 in their school savings account or educational bank account.

Now let’s take a look at the different pool and their eligibility feature here:

  • All Missourians whose ages are 18 years or more and got at a minimum one dosage of the COVID-19 vaccination on or after 21st July 2021, then they are eligible to enter the red categorization for a prospect of winning 10000 dollars.
  • In the Mostopscovid Win com incentive program, Missourians can enter for a chance at winning 10000 dollars within the White group if they are a Missouri resident who is 18 years or more and has got at a minimum one dosage of a COVID-19 vaccination before 21st July 2021.
  • Any Missouri resident from 12 to 17 of age can enter the MOST 529 program for a possibility of winning a $10,000 educational savings account.


To sum up, the MO VIP incentive scheme is a very effective way to encourage people to vaccinate and as well as protect themselves from Covid 19 virus. For more details, visit the official MO VIP program website.

Are you participating in the Mostopscovid Win com incentive program? If yes, leave your comments below on the vaccination incentive. 

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