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Wooshi NFT {Oct 2021} Complete Useful Information!

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This article helps you to learn about the details of Wooshi NFT and the Roadmap to mine Wooshi.

Have you heard about the new NFTs, which have become a unique collectible as well as a digital asset? Have you seen the new avatar-based NFTs? Are you an NFT trader searching for new NFTs? Then read along with this article about a new avatar-based NFT known as Wooshi NFT

This new avatar-based NFT is fun and can be held as a digital asset. This NFT has already created a new hype amongst the collectors and the NFT traders of the United States who are keen to customize their avatars.

What is a Non-Fungible Token?

A non-fungible token or an NFT is a digital asset mainly in the form of a collectible. The NFTs always come with a token and the asset, which makes it unique from the stock photos. NFTs are non-fungible and are protected by the Blockchain technique, the same technique used in the cryptocurrency market.

Wooshi NFT –What are Wooshi?

The Wooshi are tiny creatures based on a game. The storyline of the Wooshi, according to their official website, states that in the deep metaverse, on an island called Gor, a tiny indigenous creature exists known as the Wooshi. The Wooshi are vicious warriors wielding sharp fangs and bone clubs.

The Wooshi are so vicious that their favorite activities include battles and playing pranks upon each other. The Wooshi are usually seen terrorizing the entire metaverse and the other residents of the metaverse.

Creators of the Wooshi NFT world:

According to the official website, the Wooshi world, along with this NFT, was created and designed by the H4X L4B and is around 11,111 uniquely designable and customizable Wooshi present. The main aim of the NFT is to bring out a meaningful and more realistic connection between the collectors and the character. 

The Wooshi are fully animated and designed in a 3D model, which is functionally generated along with the accessories from the gaming tradition.

The Roadmap to mine the NFT:

These are the steps to mine the Wooshi NFT as a digital asset:

  • First, mint Wooshi. The launch sale and other remainders are available on the official website.
  • Then grow the presence on social media through community rewards.
  • Produce unique Wooshi with H4X and get it featured on of the United States and ship it for lucky looters.
  • OpenSea will verify the Wooshi and Airdrop NFTs for active owners.
  • Next, Launch the Wooshi sale and distribute community rewards to NFT holders. You can collect both digital and physical collectibles.
  • Integration of NFT staking and crypto staking is to be done on the official website.
  • Tokenize the ownership and land sales to NFT holders.
  • Play-to-earn MMORPG will be developed as Wooshi cryptocurrency and NFT.


As our final verdict of the Wooshi NFT, we would suggest that this NFT, although it has created a huge demand amongst the collectors and NFT holders, there are other NFTs that have better presence and returns than this. You can learn more about the Wooshi statistics.  

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