Domefer Com Reviews (Dec 2021) Is This Genuine Or Scam?

Domefer Online Website Reviews

The guide shares the unbiased Domefer com Reviews to help online consumers understand its creditworthiness.  

People prefer to do online shopping for their daily groceries and household products instead of going out and shopping at supermarkets. Are you also fanatic about online shopping and looking for a destination to buy products at a wholesale rate? 

A newly developed ecommerce website claims to offer household products and gifts at discounted rates. is the website that is recently launched, and it claims to make your shopping affordable by offering 50% discounts on all products via clearance sales. 

However, consumers in the United States are averse to shopping at a new website without reading Domefer com Reviews

What is is the newly launched ecommerce website claiming to offer a variety of household products, dresses, kitchen appliances, accessories are more. The store claims to offer up to 50% discounts on all the products during their clearance sale. 

However, veteran consumers always prefer shopping at trusted and reliable stores to avoid online scams. The website is recently developed, and hence consumers in the United States are browsing online to find more details about the store.  

So, the reliable source to collect information about a new store or website is the consumer reviews that also help access its legitimacy. So, let us find out Is Domefer com Legit or a new online scam. 

Features of This Online Site

  • Website Link –   
  • Product Category – Dresses, Kitchen Appliances, Bathroom Accessories and Other Household Items
  • Email Support –
  • Company Number – 121-86267
  • Address – Beimac Company LTD, 6-9 The Square, Uxbridge, England, UB11 1FW
  • Shipping Info – All orders are processed within 3-4 days, and shipping takes 12-20 days. Free shipping takes 12-20 days for delivery, and express delivery is chargeable as it costs you $4.95.
  • Return and Refund – The returning of order is entertained only within 14 days of delivery. Return request is made via email support, and after inspection, a refund is started, and notification is sent via email, considering the Domefer com Reviews.
  • Payment Modes – Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, and Discover Card
  • Owner Details – Not Found
  • Social Links – Social Logos are there, but they are inactive. 
  • Domain Age – 54 Days (Created on 20th August 2021)     

Pros of

  • Discounts up to 50% on all products
  • Christmas Sale and Clearance Sale  
  • Wide variety of products available for sale
  • Products descriptions are given
  • Return and refunds policy available 
  • Worldwide shipping available 

Cons of

  • No owner details found 
  • Reviews are not available 
  • Not active on social media 
  • Express shipping is chargeable and not free 

Is Domefer com Legit or Scam?

The site’s legitimacy is vital to access before shopping at the store. It helps you stay safe and avoid unnecessary fraud over the internet. In terms of, we have analyzed and found some crucial pointers to help you judge its legitimacy:

  • The website was recently created 54 days ago, on 20th August 2021. So, consumers are reluctant to shop at such a new ecommerce website.
  • The website domain will expire on 20th August 2022.
  • Besides, the trust index is another factor in confirming its legitimacy, and has a shallow trust index of 1% and trust rank of 28.4/100. So, it urges consumers for further analysis and research before shopping. 
  • There is no Domefer com Reviews found over the internet. Besides, it is not active on social media, and hence no comments and feedbacks are found after thorough research and analysis. 
  • The address mentioned on the website is different from the domain name. Besides, it belongs to other businesses, and many suspicious and fraudulent stores use the same physical address. So, it could be a scam.     
  • Moreover, no owner detail is shared, and hence it can’t be trusted at the moment for online shopping.  

Based on all these factors, the website seems highly suspicious and possibly a scam. 

Domefer com Reviews – What Customers Have to Say?

As mentioned, after analyzing and researching the website, we found zero reviews from the users. It is because the website is new and lacks attracting worldwide consumers. 

So, you will not see any review or comment from authentic shoppers of the website. The website is also inactive on social media to have feedbacks and comments. So, we urge consumers to research further before shopping at the store. 

Moreover, ensure to access the helpful guide on how to identify and report Credit Card Scams.  

To Sum Up is the ecommerce website with many big claims. For example, it claims to offer 50% discounts on all household products. But, we found no Domefer com Reviews to support these claims and hence the site seems to be suspicious at the moment. 

So, it would be best to avoid shopping at the store because it could be a scam and research well to avoid unnecessary online or internet fraud. Besides, equip yourself with the right tips to report the PayPal Scams.

Are you a shopper of How is your experience on the website? Would you mind sharing it in the comment section?

70 thoughts on “Domefer Com Reviews (Dec 2021) Is This Genuine Or Scam?

  1. I ordered a Christmas tree carasol and have no email confirmation. I have tried to email the company but no response yet. I guess I was scammed. I’m thankful I only lost $30. Please beware!

      1. I too ordered a Christmas and same thing no confirmation. Facebook need to do something about these scammers who scamming innocent people. Learned lesson not to order anything on facebook!

        1. Hello Linda, it feels sad you have not received the order. Hope your advice will help the buyers and stay away from scammers. The team should consider the request and look into it. Thanks for the update. Take care.

        2. I ordered the same tree everyone else did. It was supposed to be a 4ft led tree with accessories. What came nearly 2 months later is a 1ft plastic tree from the dollar store. No replys to my email either. Reporting them to my bank.

          1. Hello Josephine Halasz, many of them received it, the same as you. How much did you spend? You can check with your bank. Please do update here. Take care. Thanks & regards.

    1. I also ordered the 8ft Christmas tree with decorations so cute and boom a cheap tiny tree. I’ve been in contact with them over and over and complaining and sending information to the commerce in their country. They first offered me $5, then 6… consecutively I’ve bumped it up to $9 but I said I want a full refund they’re scammers for sure.

    2. The exact same thing happened to me. But they sent me a tiny, ugly green tree about 12 in and bows were included. Not a $30 tree what they advertised!

  2. I ordered the largest christmas tree with carousel, Father Christmas etc via an ad on Facebook from Immediately after placing the order the exact same ads popped up on facebook under different company names. I’ve been scammed. Be aware!

      1. I done the same thing, ordered that Christmas tree and had no emails but took the money, also since seen different adverts on social media for the same thing and when I comment on them it reports me. Also I’ve tried emailing the address given and I had a response back from postmaster telling me they are unable to send the email as the address will not accept it.

      1. Hello linda mason, We feel happy you got a refund from the PayPal. It is always good to reach to the payment company for a refund. This is a last option the buyers do have. It is highly suggestible to the buyers, please go for a refund option, if you feel doubtful. Take care. Thanks.

        1. Hello Mark Davis, Did you try to check for an exchange? Many of them faced similar issues. They cheat anyhow, and earn money. Please check, if they can send you 8ft tree. Please let us know any updates from them. Be careful. Thanks.

  3. I too ordered a tree. On October 21st I haven’t got a confirmation as well. I just sent out an e-mail. I’ll give them til Monday to answer me. I lost 40 if I don’t hear from them.

  4. I ordered a Christmas tree also snd even paid for rush shipping. I also have sent 4 emails and no response. So I think I got screwed again also. I am not ordering anything on here again!

    1. I ordered the Christmas tree carousel because I wanted to surprise my 4 year old. The advertised picture and description of am 8ft tree was not what I received. I got a 3 inch tree with mini decisions that could of been bought at the dollar tree and put they’re for far less than the 30 I spent. They are not replying to the emails I’ve sent either. And no number foot customer service.

    2. I ordered 8 ft tree with accessories on October 25 Fast shipping. 8 inch tree arrived last week with tiny tiny ornaments. Nothing like what was pictured in ad. If your order does arrive, you will be very disappointed. I just called credit card company and asked for refund.

      1. Hello Tibit, we feel sad to hear you received such a product. They just earn money and give no quality products. Highly unacceptable and feeling nervous. Yes, you can reach for a refund from the payment company. Buyers, stay away from them. Take care. Thanks.

  5. I too ordered the carousel tree and a wreath back in Oct 24. I received a confirmation but I’ve heard nothing since then. Should have known it was too good to be true.

  6. I ordered the small tree on October 20. I received a confirmation email right away. I’ve sent 3 emails asking if order has been shipped yet but no response. If I hear nothing, or don’t receive the tree in the next 10 days, I will contact my credit card company and tell them I was scammed.

  7. Hi I also ordered the 8ft Christmas tree with LED lights and decorations, I received a 10inch tree with lights that need batteries and baubles the size of a grape. Definitely scammed.

    1. I ordered the four Do it tall tree. I received a confirmation right away. After 3 or 4 emails, I finally received my tracking number. After almost a month roaming around in China, and 3 days in the UDA, I received “the tree” today. Trouble is, the tree is only 1 foot tall only by virtue of placing the star on top. Its a cheap chintzy tree worth about 25 cents. There is no Santa climbing up and down a ladder, no little train circling the bottom, no houses or villages and no layers as portrayed in the picture. The tiny lights are very cute but half the ornaments have no or a broken string for hangers. I’ve written them and demanded a refund!

  8. Oh I order the stupid tree with the train and the Ferris wheel. I had communication with the company and was even able to track the package until it arrived at my door. I was so excited to receive my 8 foot, beautiful tree. WHAT A JOKE!!! I so wish I could post a picture of the ridiculous crap that arrived. Let me see if I can describe it. It was maybe 8 inches tall came with a handful of cheap dollar store plastic ornaments and a tiny, tiny string of battery operated lights and would you believe they didn’t even supply the batteries!!! China is nothing but crap, and they are purposefully stealing our money. I can provide pictures and the US address of this ripoff company. ONLINE SELLER IS ALL NAME SAYS ADDRESS IS 24208 SAN MICHELE RD, MORENO VALLEY CA 92551. If this package came from China as the tracking showed that it did, I’m not sure how the package ended up with a California address on it. DON’T BUY ANYTHING FROM DOMEFER THEY ARE THIEVES

    1. Hello Tina Bennett, Thanks for the detailed message. We feel sad, you got such product. Your review will help the buyers to stay alert. Did you try to reach them for an exchange? Please drop the update. Be cautious. Thanks.

  9. I also ordered the Carousel Christmas Tree. After I had sent 4 emails to both that was listed and got no response back, I called PayPal and filed a fraud claim they are going to give me my money back. Nobody ever shop at this fraudulent scam site.

  10. I recieved my Christmas tree today , I ordered a 6ft tree it came I was very impressed with the 4 inch envelope it came in. If I could figure out how to ad a picture I would, needless to say this site is a scam, it was sent from China to LA then to an Amazon warehouse in dupont Washington

    1. Hello Robert Goodall, we feel sad, as buyers are not getting the exact order they need. Please check the portal details and then proceed with the transaction. Stay tuned for updates. Take care. Thanks.

  11. I too ordered the christmas tree with village ,santa ,lights 4 foot high.. got a confirmation email then a shipping details with tracking code. package arrived from china a one foot high tree and a few little parcels worth about $3 .00 not $38.00 in total spent emailed them no reply to date..reading other comments [ripped off ]

    1. Hello paul constable, feels sad. They use common tricks or method to cheat the buyers. They dispatch things with no quality. The buyer gets disappointed. They have no return policy. In such cases, you can reach the payment company. Let us know any feedback from them. Thanks. Take care.

      1. I also ordered the 4 foot animated, decorated and lit tree. I got email confirmation right away. Took about 2 or 3 weeks to get update with tracking info. It meandered around China for almost a month Then I finally received it last week. Like the above, its a chintzy 10 inch tree with about 6 branches, some crappy “ornaments” and lights…batteries not included by the way. I’ve emailed them every day since but obviously no response.

  12. I ordered the Christmas tree carousel on Nov. 2nd. Never received confirmation, order number. Payment was taken out through bank account the next day. Lost $31.00. Complete SCAM. Tried customer service icon, never worked. Stay away from this company.

    1. Hello Darrell, feels bad and nervous. People keep faith and proceed. How can one cheat the buyer. They must be caught and the portals to be banned. Please check with authentic websites for the orders. Be patient and aware. Thanks for the suggestion.

  13. This is a scam…….i have made the mistake of ordering a Christmas tree online through Facebook, which supports this scam.

    1. Hello Rodney M Sales, Agree with you. We have seen the same issue with the buyers. Not seen anyone who got the order. When did you placed order? Make sure if you can get a refund. Be aware. Take care.

  14. Hi I also ordered the tree, they did keep emailing me with updates, but when my parcel was delivered I received a 10in whimpy tree.
    I have emailed them numerous times but no reply

    1. Hello Naomi Ruth, did you find any return policy on the website. Once the product is delivered, they have no impact how you received and all. So please check if you can get the required one. Thanks and Regards.

  15. well i think i have been scammed order 6feet tree all trimming’s payed $59 aus i got deliver to day a 8ins bit of tree some decorations i am pissed cant FACEBOOK stop these people they can block other things

  16. I ordered the 4ft Carousel Christmas tree. What I received was an 11in piece of garbage tree and even less satisfactory bag of chincy ornaments. I would have expected this in a dollar store for $1.00. It cost me over $40.00. I have tried 5 times to get in touch with Domefer and have not received a reply. The online customer service does not work either. As I am a senior living on fixed income, losing $40.00 is a big deal. Not to mention the fact that I now have no tree. Very disappointed.

    1. Hello Sharon, It feels very sad. We can understand how you must be feeling. You have expressed your real feelings about losing the money. The scammers are here to grab the money. So be careful while you transact. We wish you get the tree before Christmas. Take care. Thanks for the information.

      1. Hello JoAnn, It feels bad, they cheat in such a way. If asked for a return, they give some reasons and ignore every time. At last, buyers get tired and leaves it. But, you can check with them for exchange. The products are totally different. So reach them for exchange. Check what they respond. Please do update. Take care. Be aware.

  17. I to ordered this tree when it popped up on Facebook. I ordered the 8ft version with all the decorations. Emails go unanswered. I had to price that had tried to contact to PayPal and they refunded my money.
    I grew even more suspectious when I checked website and they had the 20 foot tree now listed at same price.
    However it isn’t a real tree but supposed to be wooden shelves in shape of tree with artifical greens to cover edges. The huge village set, the train. The climbing Santa, and fairous wheel were all to set in different shelves.
    I really would love to have a tree like this and hopefully will find one.
    Today I found reviews where some received a 12 inch set of branches and some small 1 inch little facke packages to go under it. They were all upset.
    So this site is definitely a scam!

  18. Same boat as all of you. Ordered the 4ft tree, was sent tracking info finally. It said it arrived in seattle and within minutes it said it was delivered in Edmonds. hahaha You cannot get from Seattle to Edmonds in a few minutes. Luckily I paid thru Paypal and have already sent my formal complaint. I figured it might be too good to be true so I have my own tree up and decorated already. Sigh lol

    1. Hello Danielle L Haney, Thanks for informing here. You did it right, to reach PayPal. Hope you get a full refund from them. Check for the genuine portal, they can provide you quality products with assurance. Please let us know any further updates. Be alert. Thanks.

  19. I ordered my carousel Christmas tree two months a go. They repeatedly sent me a message it’s been dispatched sorry for delay. Its a big scam. Don’t use them or ones that offer the same, they are one of the same company. I am looking in to bringing these scamners to and end. Never received item.

    1. Hello Vanessa, Please go through all comments. You will get some idea. Few buyers reached for a refund and got money back. You try this option because it seems they will not send any order. Many of them have been waiting for a long time. The scammers should be caught and taken action. The portals to be banned. Stay away. Take care.

  20. I ordered an 8 FT Christmas tree with accessories and paid for fast shipping. I actually had confirmation that I had ordered an 8 FT tree with accessories. . Tracking says the order just arrived i The only thing that has arrived is an 8 INCH tree with a few tiny ornaments. I am hoping that this is not from Domefer. There customer service does not respond. When one tracks, one cannot find out who the company is who delivers. If I do not hear from this company in the next few days, I will call my credit card company and report them as fraudulent.

  21. Update. I called my credit card company this morning and asked for refund since I received an 8 inch tree instead of 8 ft tree. The accessories were little tiny ornaments and no Santa going up ladder or anything else pictured. I was given a refund. I do have the confirmation which says 8 ft tree.

  22. Don’t bother to buy here this is a scam big time I ordered a Christmas tree that was suppose to be 4 foot tall after waiting more than a month it finally came today it’s 4 inch !!!worth money a dollar I payed over 40 all together never will I buy anything here

  23. I ordered a 4 ft Christmas carousel tree with the village ,train,and climbing santa. After paying the extra shipping costs for expedited delivery I finally received after 35 days I finally received a 1 ft tree with tiny ornaments made out of paper ,trees don’t even have all branches. I have trash better than that. There was no train,no village,no lights,and no climbing Santa. This is a total scam..Scam,scam and scammed.

    1. Hello brenda k morrall, the way they cheat and earn money is terrible. They just attract customers by offering discount prices and delivering low-quality products. Buyers, go through reviews and ensure about the portal. Stay aware. Thanks.

  24. This site is definitely a scam! After waiting too long for the christmas carousel I ordered to arrive, I received a 6 inch chep christmas tree with few pieces of cheap decorations. Thankfully I just lost 42 usd. But thinking that there are many others who have been scammed with those small amounts, it became a very large value.

    1. Hello Jo-Ann Alcoriza, yes, you said it right. The scammers showcase and provide different ones. They earn money without any hard work and disappear. Buyers please be aware and stay away from them. Take care. Thanks.

  25. I ordered the Christmas Caroussel
    Get a conformation and also a message the parcel is send by DHL and a track an trace number
    But … never received
    Wenn I follow the Track & Trace or go to the website from DHL it stated delivered ???

    So who is to blame Domefer or DHL ??

  26. I order a $30 Christmas tree and never received it. Its been 6 months. This “company” is a complete scam. Do not purchase from them. Complete waste of money.

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