NFT Basement Dwellers (Oct) Inspired By Meme Culture!

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By Marifilmines Team

This article discusses the NFT Basement Dwellers, a new NFT project, and offers relevant information.

Cryptocurrencies have undeniably taken the world by storm. They were a largely unknown asset and commodity some time ago, but the enormous returns that some cryptocurrencies have given their investors have made them well-known. 

Every investor is looking to invest in cryptocurrencies and doesn’t want to miss out on the opportunity of potentially reaping enormous profits. NFT is also related to cryptocurrencies, and recently, NFT Basement Dwellers has become trendy. 

If you’re interested in knowing more about this project and NFT, keep reading this article. Users in Australia and the United States have shown some interest in it. We’ll mention all the relevant information about it.

What is NFT?

NFTs or Non-fungible tokens are a unique unit of data stored on the blockchain and represent easily reproducible things. In simple words, NFTs are used to prove the uniqueness of any digital item and imply that the unique item is forbidden to copy or reproduce without the owner’s consent. 

NFT Basement Dwellers is an NFT project that’s gaining traction. NFT are also based on the same blockchain technology as cryptocurrencies, but they have several differences. Each item has a unique entry in the blockchain, and all the NFTs are listed on the NFT Marketplace.

Details About Basement Dwellers

  • Two gamers, online streamers and sales experts, Skizzo and Nomanz, have co-founded this NFT project.
  • They have the assistance of many professionals throughout various nations.
  • The primary goal of this project is to create stereotypes of gamers and other digital collectibles that are inspired by the meme culture. 

Elaborating NFT Basement Dwellers 

  • Basement Dwellers plans on releasing its NFT ecosystem that’s inspired by the meme and gaming culture.
  • Nearly ten thousand NFTs from over 200 traits will be released at the price of 0.069 ETH per piece.
  • The team behind this project has considerable experience in this domain.
  • They also offer 3% royalties to buy back the floor. This step will increase the chances of a high-end return.
  • The pre-sale will start for existing members on October 11, while the general public will gain access to it on October 12.
  • Sources suggest that NFT Basement Dwellers can offer significant long-term value to the holders.
  • Know more about this project here. 

To Sum Up      

Cryptocurrencies have been the talk of the economic and financial sector for quite some time now. Everyone’s rushing to invest in them after seeing the enormous profits it has earned its investors in the past. Please note that big profits mean more volatility, and you’re just as likely to lose money as gaining enormous rewards.

Therefore, it’s best to do some research before investing in them. An NFT project, Basement Dwellers, is gaining traction. We have mentioned all the relevant information about NFT Basement Dwellers above.

Do you hold any cryptocurrencies? What do you think of the future of crypto? Kindly share your thoughts in the comments.

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