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This news article furnishes the current status of the airport of New Orleans after facing a miserable storm in an attempt to quote if it’s open.

Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport is an international airport in Louisiana, United States. It is owned by New Orleans and was opened in the year 2019. It is one of the primary commercial airport for the metropolitan areas in New Orleans. It serves 16 airlines all total.

Recently this airport was attacked by Hurricane Ida and then by a tropical depression over the weekend. So now the question that remains to be answered is that if The New Orleans Airport Open.

What is the current status of the airport?

Hurricane Ida attacked the New Orleans Airport. She made landfall on the coast of Louisiana on Sunday August 29, and after that, the airport was faced by a tropical storm just a day after, early Monday, August 30. These weather disturbances have caused a massive amount of damages to the airport of Orleans.

On Monday, August 30, the airport authority cancelled all incoming and outgoing flights. As a result, all the 16 airlines served by this terminal faced uncountable inconveniences in their business. 

So is The New Orleans Airport Open?

After conducting a thorough analysis of the damage sustained by the New Orleansairport of the United States, as a result of the terrific storm, it was reported that some airlines would again be opening their airlines in and out of MSY. After that, limited flights were reported to open on Wednesday, including American Airlines and the other flights are scheduled to open from September 1, maintaining their usual schedule.

However, it was tweeted by the Airport authorities that the passengers should nevertheless contact their airline directly for ensuring accurate information about the flying status of their flights and if The New Orleans Airport Open.

What’s the damage? How are the roads?

The final update of the airport on August 30 reported that the runways of the airport and the nearby taxiways do not seem to have any significant damage. The storm caused no significant damages to the terminal facility of the airport, but repairs to some jet bridges were required and were thus initiated shortly. In addition, crews were reported to be clearing debris from the roadways of the airport.

Sudden loss of water pressure from the Jefferson Parish Water Department impacted airport operations, including the functioning restrooms and air conditioning. The New Orleans Airport Open event couldn’t be initiated right away as the landline phones were also out of service for a long time now, and the airport did lose its commercial power on Sunday evening. They had to rely on the generators afterwards and highly impacted the operations and functioning of the terminal.

Moreover, some of the roads surrounding the airport, specifically US-61 and I-310 ramps, were marked closed on Wednesday, September 1, due to its unbearable damaged condition.

To know more about the current status of the New Orleans Airport and to get ensured if The New Orleans Airport Open, do visit.

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