[Watch] Find complete details about Viera High School Hazing Video and get more information from the school authorities.

Find complete details about Viera High School Hazing Video and get more information from the school authorities.

Have you seen the assault video of Viera High School football players in the locker room? Recently a video of a locker room is going viral where a bunch of teenagers from the Viera High School football club are acting violently. 

People of the United States are willing to know the action taken by the school authority and the precautions taken by the staff regarding the hazing activity. Therefore, let’s explore the Viera High School Hazing Video.

About the Incident

The massacre occurred in the locker room of the Viera high school football team. A bunch of students or players assault a teammate, knocking him down on the floor and attempting illegitimate activities. The Hazing video of the student went viral on social media, and people started to think of the school security and education the administration was providing to the students.

Watching the terrible activity report on the social media of the superintendent of the Brevard Public School, Dr. Mark Rendell, discarded the next matches. Rendell also suspended the coach of the team and the bunch of players who are recorded in the video. He finds this event shameful for the organization. 

Public Reaction to Viera High School Football Team

People are troubled by this viral video and fear their children could suffer the same trauma if they contribute to such a sport. Many parents ask the school superintendent to take safety measures to avoid further assault. 

However, people on social media have different thoughts and opinions regarding the situation. While some people are affected by this event of teenagers provoking other students and hazing for fun, some netizens like the act and make memes. No doubt, such acts are unacceptable in the sports community and the school Federations. 

Viera High School Hazing Incident Recent update

The school authorities suspended all the students who were identified in the video. The upcoming football matches are also terminated for a while until the next notice. The school superintendent said to the media that there would be no football tournament until the students don’t realize the seriousness of the situation.

The authorities also conducted an anti-hazing program in the school and asked for the parent player meeting. Another member of Brevard Public School shared the news on the Facebook post mentioning that looking at the Viera High School Hazing Video and the seriousness of the situation, it will be hard to say that any football tournament will take place this year. 

Who was the prime reason for this act? 

Eventually, people are trying to discover the main person or source through which this act took place. However, it is tough to blame any single person for this act, as multiple students are involved in the video. 

Additionally, the termination of the football coach is also a major step, as he couldn’t provide sufficient acknowledgement to the players. Luckily, the students are only suspended and not arrested as this is a violent act and can be severely punishable.

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Final Verdict 

The viral video of locker room hazing shook many viewers and the school administration. The offensive act in the school locker room got their punishment by the superintendent Dr. Rendell. According to authorities, there will be no further tournament until students don’t understand the severity of the act. 


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