Indiana School Sings Journey {July 2022} It Got Viral!

Latest News Indiana School Sings Journey
This post on Indiana School Sings Journey will update our readers with all the details regarding the school janitor who went viral after his performance.

How does a school janitor go viral? The janitor Indiana school went viral after his performance of Journey song. The people in the United States were amazed by his performance and praised him for his beautiful singing. The janitor also got applause from many social media users after his video went viral.

In this article, we will get more detail about the school janitor and Indiana School Sings Journey.

Why is Indiana School in trend?

A school janitor in Indiana went viral for his performance on a Journey song. The original singer and composer of the journey song Steve Perry was also mesmerized by the commendable performance of the school janitor and even posted his video on his Tik Tok and social media accounts. 

Richard Goodall, who works as a janitor in school, was praised by people all over the world. Many videos were posted on social media showing Goodall singing Journey songs during the celebration of fifth-grade graduation. The post with the headlines Indiana School Sings Journey went viral on Twitter and many other websites and social media platforms.

People’s Objectives On School Janitors

The overwhelming singing by Richard Goodall was praised by many people worldwide. The people posted many videos of the school janitor singing the popular song Journey by Steve Perry.

Richard Goodall a school janitor also reposted Steve Perry’s video on his Tik Tok profile and thanked him for his comment and response to his video. People also congratulate Goodall after he got a response from Steve. Richard is 53 years old and has been associated with the school as a janitor for 20 years.

Indiana School Sings Journey

Richard Goodall also remarked about his singing performance in an interview with one of the stations, saying that it was all natural and that he didn’t hesitate or feel awkward. He simply plugged in a Journey song and began singing. He also stated that he did not expect to have such a positive response.

The school staff and students were gathered for a talent show, and this show was conducted to celebrate the graduation of fifth-grade children. In the last stages of the show, Goodall was asked by the teachers to sing a song for the students. After that, posts with Indiana School Sing Journey were all over the internet, which made Richard Goodall a viral sensation now, and we all know about the response he is getting.


Summing up this post, we have told our readers about the school janitor who went viral after his performance at a school function. Richard Goodall was all over the internet for his mesmerizing performance of Journey song. You can go through several social media posts for Richard Goodall’s singing video, and you can also go through YouTube channels. Please check this link to know more about Indiana School Sing Journey.

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