Yogesh Nagarajappa LinkedIn: What Happened in Baltimore? Read Facts!

37-year-old Yogesh Nagarajappa LinkedIn, was found dead with his wife and son at their house in Maryland, on Friday.

Have you heard about the incident that happened to Yogesh Nagarajappa? Yogesh Nagarajappa, a software engineer from India, who lived with his wife and son in the United States, was found dead at their house. 

The news spread like wildfire on the internet. People from different countries are looking for more details about Yogesh Nagarajappa LinkedIn

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What happened to Yogesh Nagarajappa and his family?

On Friday, 18th August 2023, the Baltimore police department found the dead body of the software engineer couple Yogesh Honnala Nagarajappa and Prathibha Y Amarnath in their own house in Maryland, U.S. Not only the dead bodies of Yogesh and Prathibha, but the police found the dead body of their son Yash Honnala. 

After searching for more details about the Yogesh Nagarajappa Baltimore case, the Baltimore police department revealed that Yogesh Honnala Nagarajappa was thirty-seven years old, Prathibha Y Amarnath was thirty-seven years old, and their son Yash Honnala was only six years old. The police also mentioned that the family belonged to the Davanagere district of Karnataka. They resided in Baltimore because of job purposes. 

How did the entire family die?

When the family members of Yogesh Honnala Nagarajappa got to know about the Yogesh Nagarajappa LinkedIn death case, they requested the authorities to search for the reason behind their deaths. But the exact reason behind their death is still unknown. 

The Baltimore police department suspected that Yogesh Honnala Nagarajappa and Prathibha Y Amarnath committed suicide and murdered their son. The Baltimore police department found gunshot wounds. The police mentioned this case as a double suicide-murder case. 

What did the family members of Yogesh Nagarajappa say about the Yogesh Nagarajappa Baltimore case?

The family members of Yogesh Nagarajappa and Prathibha Y Amarnath are still in shock. Yogesh’s mother, Shobha, told the media they received a phone call from the Baltimore police regarding the death news of Yogesh, Prathibha, and Yash. 

Shobha also mentioned that there were no domestic issues between Yogesh and Prathibha. The family members of Yogesh requested the authorities to send their dead bodies back to India. They want to know the exact reason behind the Yogesh Nagarajappa Baltimore death case.

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What did the Baltimore police say about this incident?

Johnny Olszewski, the Baltimore County Executive, said in a statement, that he was heartbroken and deeply saddened for Yogesh and his family, who lost their lives. He also mentioned that the Baltimore police department will do its best to assist the family and other community members of this tragic incident. 

Anthony Shelton, the Baltimore County Police spokesperson, said in The Baltimore Sun newspaper that the Yogesh Nagarajappa Baltimore incident is a double suicide-murder. Mr. Shelton also mentioned that each family member of Yogesh appeared to suffer from a gunshot wound. 

The police department of Baltimore is trying its best to investigate what happened to Yogesh and his family. The police department of Baltimore also informed that they would conduct an autopsy to determine the reason behind the death. If you want more details about this incident, you can check our “Social Media Sites Links” section. 

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The Final Discussion:

Once the news of Yogesh Nagarajappa LinkedIn went viral, the Baltimore police department mentioned that everyone saw the family for the last time on Tuesday evening. We will pray for Yogesh Honnala Nagarajappa, Prathibha Y Amarnath, and their son Yash Honnala’s soul to rest in peace. Click on the link to watch more information about the death case of Yogesh and his family.

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