[Full Watch] Video Felix Di Bully Link: Details On Viral Asli Twitter Information!

The article shares about Video Felix Di Bully Link, which is available on the Twitter platform, along with background story of it.

Are you the person who is against the bullying activities that happen around you? Then, have you watched the Video Felix Di Bully Link, which is going viral all over the world?

The video originated in the Indonesia region, where the junior high student bullied his friend Felix more brutally. Thus, in this article, we are going to learn about the video and its background story in detail.

What is the Video Felix Di Bully Link all about?

It is a bullying video of junior high students that happened at SMP N 2 Cimanggu, Cilacap Regency School, where a group of 5 to 6 boys targeted one boy named “Felix,” and they started bullying him by kicking and stepping on him. Some people recorded this video and released it on the internet.

Those links can be seen, and many people are speaking about this issue, but all those videos are blurred in nature, only short clips of the video are available now.

Availability of Video Asli Felix Di Bully

Here, the term “asli” refers to the original. Currently, most of the original uncensored video is removed from the internet. Only the victim’s face can be seen, not the perpetrator’s. Because the bully boys are studying in their junior high school and the entire future will be spoiled if their faces get revealed, some short clips and censored versions of links are only available now.

Some YouTube channels claim to release the original links, but not all of them are highly censored. But some Twitter accounts do have the original version.

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Video Felix Dibully Twitter details

Initially, the bullying video of Felix was spread over the Twitter platform. The original, uncensored video is available on the Twitter platform. We weren’t able to get the full video because the length of the video is about 4 minutes, but here, we can only get a 1-minute video.

The link to the original version of the video is provided below.

What is happening in the video?

The video was filmed in the Central Java region, where a group of 5–6 school students were bullying a boy named Felix. In the Video Asli Felix Di Bully, we can see that they are playing some bullying game where a boy picks a number and then starts attacking Felix.

They are not just attacking him; instead, they punched him and dragged him over the floor. And Felix is crying out of severe pain.

What has happened to Felix now?

In the bullying video, Felix has been brutally beaten, punched, and dragged over the floor, but he doesn’t bleed the blood. As per the Video Felix Dibully Twitter, Felix seemed to bear all the beatings, and current images of Felix have been trending over the internet, where he seems to be in perfect health condition without any bruises or marks, etc.

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Thus, in this article, we discussed the bullying incident that happened in the Java region. But this video helped Felix recover from this bullying situation because the Video Felix Di Bully Link shed the spotlight on him and the difficulties he was facing at the school. As soon as the video went viral, the police officers resolved themselves to solve the bullying problems and take action against those bullies.

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Disclaimer: This article contains information about bullying, and our team is strictly against this type of activity.

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