[Full Watch] Smp Cilacap Viral Video Leaked On Twitter: Details On Siswa Cilacap Di Bully

The Smp Cilacap Viral Video Leaked on Twitter shows merciless content of Smp Cimanggu Cilacap, Siswa Di Bully, and Smp 2.

Do you know about the Cilacap junior school incident? Have you watched the viral video? Smp Cilacap Viral Video Leaked on Twitter is trending as it includes hurtful content. A student is brutally hitten by his mates. The incident took place in Cimanggu, Indonesia. Let’s dig into details about the whole incident in this post. 

Smp Cilacap Viral Video Leaked on Twitter

The viral video of SMP Calicap shows a student being brutally hitten by another student. The incident took place on 27 September 2023. The perpetrators are 9th-grade students who brutally hitt the other student over a small issue. As per the online sources, the Smp Cimanggu Cilacap matter started when the victim stated that he belonged to the Barisan Siswa group. One of the perpetrators is the chairman of the Barisan group. 

As per the reports, the reason behind Siswa Smp Cilacap Di Bully is that the victim said that he was a member of the group but in actuality, he wasn’t a member. Additionally, it is known that the victim was using the name of the Barisan group as he wanted to challenge other groups. 

Smp 2 Cimanggu Cilacap

The online reports state that the 2 perpetrators are arrested by the police for bullying and hitting the victim. The initials of the victims are MK, who is 15 years old, and WS, who is 14 years old. The victim’s initial is FF, he is 14 years old. The video of Smp Cimanggu Cilacap was also made by one of the students. The video was uploaded on the internet and went viral shortly.

The video is available on various platforms such as Twitter, YouTube etc. In the viral video, one student is punching and kicking another student continuously. The video has gained traction with people all around the world. After Siswa Smp Cilacap Di Bully video reached to police they immediately took action.

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Public reaction to viral video

The video shows violence and it is not liked by anyone. People are demanding justice for the student. However, the police took action and arrested the perpetrators. The perpetrators and victims both belong to the Cilacap Middle School. The perpetrators confessed that they were offended by the statements made by the victim and as a result, they charged the victim. He started hitting him in front of his friends. 

As shown in the Smp Cimanggu Cilacap video, the perpetrator kicked and punched him repeatedly and he fell on the volleyball court. The video was posted on X by several users who stated their views. Many users are furious after watching the viral video. You can go through the provided links to watch the video, but if you are faint-hearted then you should avoid watching it. 

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In a nutshell

Wrapping up this post here Siswa Smp Cilacap Di Bully, the two students who had abused the other student are arrested. The student was hitten brutally by the other students. The perpetrators are grade 9 students who kicked and slapped their fellow mates in Cimanggu. The video of the incident is also available on social media. Visit this link to learn more details on the Smp Cilacap viral video.

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Disclaimer: The video of SMP Calicap is not for people who can be affected by such content. The video involves a student brutally hitten by another student. 

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