[Watch Full Video] Just Friend Viral Link: Is Video On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter

We bring to you extensive facts about the availability of Just Friend Viral Link Video on RedditTiktokInstagram, Youtube, Telegram, and Twitter.

Did you know a video featured on the internet on 25th/September/2023 titled Just Friends? Would you like to know who is the girl in the video? Why is she popular in Bangladesh? Let’s explore all details of Just Friend Viral Link.

Just Friend Viral Link:

The Just Friend video is not present on internet or any social media platforms. Only Telegram account @setv98 showcased profile of Tasnim Ayesha link video, which had 6.25K subscribers.

The @setv98 group hosted a publicly accessible link for Tasnim’s explicit videos and images from 4funbox.com, which had two videos and 76 photos of Tasnim. On Youtube, four Just Friend video reviews were present.

All 76 images were explicit and showcased Tasnim without any clothes covering her upper body parts. All 76 images were unique and featured Tasnim in different positions, dancing, sleeping, making funny facials, and in various poses.

Their images were circulated on internet with hashtags #JustFriends, #TasnimAyeshaDriveLink, #Just Friend Viral Video, and #TasnimAyeshaViralVideoLink. Two videos on 4funbox had solo performance of Tasnim. Videos were uploaded to 4funbox starting from 7:56 PM until 10:05 PM on 25th/September/2023 and linked to user account @setv98 from Telegram.

Her online pictures and @setv98 profile picture showed another male student with whom Tasnim is very cozy.

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Tasnim videos on Telegram:

The @setv98 Telegram group has only two posts, suggesting that group was created recently. Further, group featured three links for grownup Telegram group. @setv98 invites people to join grownup Telegram group.

On Reddit, a few posts related to Just Friend videos were present. However, they redirected users to unauthentic news and knowledge-based websites to increase viewership. Reddit third-party websites included irrelevant and redundant details about Just Friend video.

Various sources on internet reported that Tasnim is a Dhaka City College student. 4funbox.com allowed importing of explicit pictures and videos of Tasnim. However, users can import them only to TeraBox. 

Tasnim videos on Instagram:

If a user tries to import media files to a PC, import link generated will be for installing 4funbox application. Hence, 76 explicit images and two videos cannot be imported to a PC. No Just Friend video posts were present on Instagram. 

As 4funbox requires users to install their application on a PC, it is speculated that application may contain malware, which may install unauthorized mini ads and applications on user’s devices, which in turn is highly-risky for user’s personal and private data. No Just Friend video posts were present on Tiktok. 

Tasnim videos on social media:

Tasnim videos is only circulating on private messaging groups like Telegram. Hence, Tasnim videos are not present on Twitter and TikTok. @setv98 profile is publicaly accessible. @setv98 is the only messaging group where Tasnim videos links were present on Telegram.

Social media links: Due to grownup content, the links are excluded.


The video and images of Tasnim from 4funbox suggested that they are private media files shot by Tasnim in her mobile camera from a close proximate. Hence, media files are speculated to be leaked by someone other than Tasnim. On Twitter, no Just Friend video posts were present. However, identity of her friend and person who leaked media files is yet to be determined.

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Disclaimer: This article does not promote grownup content in any form and is meant for information purposes only. Details in this write-up were obtained from several online sources.

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