Time to Stop Living American Scam {July} Check Now!

In this post, we have discussed why it’s Time to Stop Living American Scam? How to stop these scams, and how do you keep yourself safe from these kinds of scams?

Do you hear of scams? Yes, we have all often heard of scams. When we think of scams, everyone thinks of some financial scam. Though every time scam is not related to some economic fraud, those scams are often associated with other aspects, including calls, fraud websites, and many others. So, it’s high Time to Stop Living American Scam as people around the United States become victims of such scams.

Kinds of Scam that urge public to stop scam

As per the report formed by the Federal Trade Commission of the previous year, there was $5.8 billion in fraud by the consumer, and it is approx. 70% high than 2020. 

According to another app, RoboKiller, on average, there are 28 spam calls and 42 spam texts a smartphone owner receives in a month. Some companies trade email and phone numbers to the scam industry. All these urge people of America feel that this is the time to stop scam now.

Why Its Time to Stop Living the American Scam?

At this high time, anyone can get trapped in any of the scams going around the country. Some of the widely used scams to make people victims are Pre-recorded phone calls about bank issues, car warranty, delivery, and many more. Fake email from an apple or amazon account that asks to log in for your account. Reply on Facebook marketplace chat. Whatsapp number asking for the charity of stranger. 

These are some of the ongoing scams that make people stressed. So these scams not only cost money to the people but their mental peace also. Further, the scammer makes life worst for innocent people. 

How to Avoid Scams?

Its Time to Stop Living the American Scam because scam and fraud cases are rising daily. These cases lead to mental harassment of people and money loss. So here are some tricks to recognize whether it is a scam call, text or email.

  • If you find the misspelt email address, that might be a scam email.
  • Ignore unknown phone calls and texts; even the caller ID didn’t show their information.
  • You can use advanced apps such as RoboKiller, which can identify fake calls and texts, screen them on your phone, and block the calls that seem to be a scam. 

The information mentioned above about Time to Stop Living American Scam is primarily taken from the internet. To know more about scams, keep reading the article thoroughly. We understand how stressful it can be to be trapped in any scam and fraud. 


In the era of innovative technology and development, it is next to impossible to stay away from electronic devices and other advanced equipment. Still, sometimes the advancement of technology leads to ruthless scams and activities. So, to stop such immoral actions and keep oneself safe; one must take the required precautions to avoid these scams. Click here to learn more about this week American scams  

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