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Are you aware of the Oblivion, a steel roller coaster at Alton Towers in Staffordshire, England? Are you interested in knowing the details? Then read this whole article to the end.

The Alton Towers has been in the news recently as the visitors at Alton Towers were forced to climb down the Oblivion. The information has been trending in the United KingdomIreland, and the United States. This article will give you details about the Oblivion Ride Alton Towers.

Roller Coaster Terrifying scenes at Alton towers 

People witnessed an unfortunate ride as they were forced to climb the Oblivion 65ft at 40 degrees. This has never happened in the history of the United Kingdom. The Oblivion left the people at 180ft drop into an underground tunnel, which they got into. 

One group of the riders got stuck in the air, which was left at 65ft. The people had to come down because the ride got stuck at a 180ft drop. The weather was also found to be unfavourable. 

Details on Oblivion Ride Alton Towers

The entire area had a new theme when the Oblivion Kickstarter. The ride started in 1998, and there was an extensive publicity campaign as it was the world’s first vertical drop roller coaster. It is one of the most incredible roller coasters found at Alton Towers. The oblivion ride left people in a dramatic situation as the news became public. 

The oblivion ride only lasts for about 25 seconds. The ride is terrific, though one plunges down a terrifying 180ft vertical drop. The speed of the roller coaster is 110km/hr. It is an incredible ride; Oblivion Ride Alton Towers has not just a drop ride but a roller coaster. 

It is one of the amazing found at Alton Towers. Oblivion is a Bolliger & Mabillard Dive Machine roller coaster. Thus, the riders at Alton Towers were found to have an incredible experience. It was also disappointing to the people looking forward to visiting the place. 

Why is the news trending?

The Alton Towers had the first vertical roller coaster that came into being. The park goers snapped the riders as they were found climbing down. The pictures were found being tweeted within a few minutes. Oblivion Ride Alton Towers has one of the most famous roller coasters as the Oblivion beckons you to face your fears.

It is the third fastest roller coaster behind Stealth at Thorpe Park and the big one at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. The photographs were found on Twitter with a man in shots of safety gear giving water to those onboard in those temperatures.


Alton Towers has one of the most discussed roller coasters in the world, which people have dreamt of. The riders were forced to climb down as the roller coaster got stuck in the middle. Thus, Oblivion Ride Alton Towers is a hot topic of discussion.

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