Afterpay Verification Scam {July} What’s The Reality!

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This article describes random verification texts sent to people by misusing the name of a Fintech company. Read more about the Afterpay Verification Scam.

Are you receiving random verification codes? Do you want to know more about the ongoing messages sent by scammers? Then, read as we explore the concerns faced by the customers. Apart from that, you can follow some safety steps mentioned in this article.

People from Australia are concerned about the messages involved with the Afterpay Verification Scam. Social media platforms and online discussion forums point out that many people are being targeted across the country.

About Afterpay and Random Verification Text

Thousands of people are puzzled by the random text messages and emails they receive with a verification code mentioning Afterpay. However, many users ignored the messages and kept receiving similar texts and emails frequently.

The verification texts are supposed to be sent by scammers pretending to be Afterpay officials. However, most people who receive texts and emails don’t even have accounts with Afterpay or similar platforms. Read more about the Afterpay Verification Code

People’s Opinion on Verification Texts

  • Reddit users are sharing their experiences associated with the message from scammers.
  • The response to such experiences is gaining popularity as more people come forward and share similar experiences.
  • Most people mentioned that they don’t have any accounts registered with Afterpay. Yet they received verification texts frequently.
  • People are raising concerns about security breaches from the company’s end. Still, there has been no response from the company yet.
  • Multiple Australian residents commented about receiving the verification texts. 
  • Oda, a Reddit user, mentioned that she received a similar text at 04:38 AM. Another user mentioned receiving a text at 01:26 AM.

After Pay Scams

  • The Afterpay messages and emails target thousands of users.
  • Some people received multiple verification texts in a short period.
  • The number that sent the messages is different every time.
  • All the verification texts mentioned that it’s from Afterpay.
  • The scammers are trying to gain access to Afterpay account if the person provides the verification code to the scammer.

Instruction From Government Website

Services Australia’s official website has listed some significant points regarding scam texts. They are mentioned below:

  • The users shouldn’t click the links from the email or texts from a suspicious sender. Let’s check regarding the ‘Afterpay Verification Code but No Account’.
  • One such spam message is received; the user is instructed to report that message to “Theft Helpdesk” and delete the message immediately.
  • People should not provide information related to bank accounts and other payment details. 
  • If you have given any details, contact the bank officials immediately and inform them.


The name of significant Fintech companies is used to conduct various scams through text messages and emails. As an informed customer, report and block the email id or phone number immediately. To know more about the nature of such scams, please check here.   

Have you received Afterpay Verification Scam texts or emails? Kindly comment on it.

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