The Kingsland Co Reviews {Dec 2021} Check If It Is Legit

The Kingsland Co Online Website Reviews

In this site review on The Kingsland Co Reviews, we tried to spread key legitimacy understanding of e-commerce sites.

Are you looking for some precious gifts for your loved ones? Or are you planning to do some ornament shopping? But are you still searching but not getting the right place to start? If you feel relieved, then let us tell you this article on The Kingsland Co Reviews may end your days’ long search. You may even get some exciting offers in which people from the United States are pretty curious.

Now your relief from the slogs of the day-night search must be pushing you for other details.

What is the Kingsland Co?

It is an online store of fashionable jewelry that delivers its products majorly in western countries. As we visited its site, we found many well-designed and maintained jewelry products segment in different categories. Some of them are: 

  • Necklaces,
  • Bracelets,
  • Earrings,
  • Rings,
  • Anklets,

And multiple varieties under these categories. Our search for the question Is The Kingsland Co Legit?  Also found that apart from the above specific items, they also deliver some attractive customized gifts and personalized items, which all give a complete sense of fashionable wearing to the buyers. If we talk about the inside description of some specific products such as Custom name necklaces, they give you colour selection options with two monthly guarantee returns. In addition to that, for any purchase, they assure you the satisfaction of guarantee, worldwide shipping, payment security, and order as many pieces as you like, and return within two months. Now lets before jumping direct to pros and cons, get some other must-know details of the site.      

Specification: The Kingsland Co Reviews 

  • Domain age: Founded on 10th November 2021, 20 days old. 
  • Url: –
  • Category: Online fashionable Wearing Shop
  • Email: –
  • Address: Not Available
  • Payment Options: ShopPay and GooglePay.
  • Return Policy: Return is available only for the first 60 days from the purchase.
  • Refund Policy: Available only after due inspection of the product.
  • Total Delivery time: It differs with regions; no explicit delivery time is mentioned.
  • Shipping policy: Free shipping over $79 purchase.


  • The interface of the site is appealing and user-friendly.
  • Available products on the site are looking for high quality.
  • It provides SSL-protected payment methods, as per The Kingsland Co Reviews.


  • The site lacks basic details such as an address, company, etc., which gives no reason to customers to purchase.
  • No social media presence over any platforms, where could the potential customers interact with the brand.
  • Very few payment options and that too not very user-friendly and secure, a major safety concern for the customers.
  • Founded very recently, only 20 days old, generally gives a negative impression in the mind of customers.
  • Alexa ranking is 2,179,635 and only one visit per day.
  • As per our sources, its domain is not, and the site’s trust score is available.

Is The Kingsland Co Legit?

In common trends, this site is meant for taking money or stealing payment details which we have to enter while making payment. For making an objective assessment, you should go through the below checkpoints.

  • The ranking of the website on Alexa is 21lakh+.
  • No social media presence on any platforms.
  • Trust score is not available, as per an online estimate.
  • As per site checkers, the site’s domain is not valid.
  • Payment options are quite limited.
  • Website details and brand info are not mentioned.

The above unavailability of legit points signals that the site could be fake and suspicious.

Customer Reviews: The Kingsland Co Reviews

As per our detailed research, there are no customers’ reviews available for the site. And what we found is contrary to its reputation and complements its suspicious nature. The unavailability of customer review options along with products, lack of some concrete contact address for the grievance redressal of customers and its limited reach, apart from many other discrepancies, direct the attention of customers to find some other better alternative on the web than just ending of losing hard-earned money and later do nothing but regret.

If you have now become aware of Payment Scams, then please read the following data.


To conclude The Kingsland Co Reviews, the above site is full of suspicion and not legit, so customers’ discretion is advised.

And if you want to learn more about scams such as PayPal Frauds, please read the following facts.

If this site review gave you any insights, then please let us know by commenting.

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