Shoes Of King Legit {Jan 2022} A Detailed Website Review!

The following article on Shoes Of King Legit will give you an idea about the legitimacy of this store and will help you.

The wedding season has started, so the planning of shopping among many people is beginning. If you are also searching for a good place to shop in the United States, then there is a store named Shoes of king where you can find unlimited products of your choice for this festive and wedding season.

To know if Shoes Of King Legit, you need to stay here with us so that you can know all the necessary details which indicate the true and ideal picture of the website. So, don’t go anywhere when you are getting all the details in one place.

Is this store legit? 

The most important thing here is its legitimacy. We can’t judge any website on any basis. But there are some details which tell the exact picture of the website. The website may look so fascinating and attractive that one can easily get attracted to it. But there are some factors like Shoes Of King Reviews, which will help you tell the true image of this site. Some necessary details that we will share here are helpful in judging the accuracy and authenticity of Shoes of king shop.

So here are some details which are necessary:

  • Registration date: 7th July 2021 is the date of registration for the shoes of king shop.
  • Registrar: Porkbun LLC is the registrar of shoes for the king shop.
  • Trust score: as per our research, we found a 1% trust score based on this site which is too low.
  • Data safety: it enables the https protocol to transfer the data through the safest means.
  • Social connection: we found no relevant official page of this store on any social media which question Is Shoes Of King Legit?
  • Shopper’s response: simultaneously, we found zero responses from the shoppers on their collection. Also, we found no relevant reviews on any review sites. It also makes us doubtful to rely on this website.

The website seems popular because of its huge collection, but some factors don’t meet the criteria of legitimacy, making it more suspicious. One must not trust this website blindly, as they could plan to cheat if you share your personal details once with these sellers. You must be aware before using such sites.

Brief of Website

We shared everything about the Shoes Of King Legit details of this store, but now in this section, we will tell you about their products. Shoes of the king is an online selling store which states to sell all the good quality items with all the features available in it. Products offered by them are as follows:

  • Aeroplane shorts
  • Full sleeve button shirt
  • Jackets 
  • Skinny jeans, bootcut jeans
  • Flare pants

You can buy all such products at a single place at such an affordable price.

Features of Shoes of king

  • Purchase flare pants from
  • Email address:
  • Address: 200 Meeting St, Charleston, SC 29401, United States
  • We could not find the telephone details of the respective store which makes us doubtful Is Shoes Of King Legit?
  • Based on our research on shoes of king, we couldn’t find any reviews of shoppers on the collection and review sites too.
  • Return Policy:
  • The site offers a thirty days return policy only for damaged products.
  • Exchanges are only acceptable in case of defective or damaged products.
  • Payment options considered: Visa, PayPal, Master Card, American Express, Discover, etc.
  • Refunds will be allowed after inspection.

Positive Highlights

  • Email id and address of the company are mentioned.
  • Https protocol is found.

Negative Highlights

  • No relevant information on social media was found.
  • No response from customers was there on the collection.
  • The telephone number was missing.

Shoes Of King Reviews

As per our research about this store, we could not find telephone details, although, email and address of the company were mentioned. Also, we are unable to find any reviews of buyers on the collection shown on the website, making it suspicious. We are unable to find relevant official pages on social media also. Along with it, no valuable sources of information were found from any review site. This site has got the least ranking as per Alexa Rank, and this site is visited by a few customers. Therefore, before proceeding further, you must check how to prevent from credit card scamming

Final Summary

Based on Shoes Of King Legit details, we found that this store has poor life expectancy and duration of registration, making it unsafe to use. Also, the trust score is extremely poor. However, website offers various good product like Slim Fit Pants. But overall, we recommend that you must not buy from such a store. 

Do you like this post? Please share your thoughts on the shoes of the king shop. And we recommend, you must check PayPal scam prevention before deciding anything.

4 thoughts on “Shoes Of King Legit {Jan 2022} A Detailed Website Review!”

  1. I bought tennis shoes with shoes of king but I did not receive them and they did not give me a phone number to communicate with them. They are FAKE.

    • Hello Joel Gonzalez, When did you place an order? Did you have any tracking number to trace? Please drop a comment to know better about the site. You can check for a refund. Buyers, stay away and alert. Thanks, and regards. Take care.


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