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Salton Air Fryer Online Product Review

If you consider purchasing a Salton Air Fryer, read this article giving full information about Salton Air Fryer Review.

With the advancement in technology, we have kitchen equipment that is focused on health in current times. Millions of health-conscious people want to use very little oil while frying. To make it easy, Salton has introduced the Air Fryer in Canada

Did you know that it can fry food items without using oil? If you still want to use oil, you can use the non-stick pan that comes with the Air Fryer. Let us read about the Salton Air Fryer Review below. 

About Salton Air Fryer:

Salton Air Fryer has eight inbuilt functions that users can initiate with the press of a button. The eight functions help prepare different types of food items. You can also operate the Air Fryer manually by setting customized temperatures and timings.

How to use a Salton Air Fryer?

  • Plugin the air fryer in the power outlet and switch it on.
  • Select the cooking modes.
  • If you require the food items to be flipped, then set the temperature manually for half of the frying time.
  • After half of the frying time has passed, manually flip the food items and set them to fry for the remaining time.
  • Salton Air Fryer Review recommends that once frying is completed, remove the frying pan and place it in the dishwasher for cleaning.
  • Switch of the Salton Air Fryer.

Specifications of AF2085 Air Fryer:

  • Model – AF2085,
  • Price – 119.99 USD,
  • Product Dimensions – ‎27.05 x28.96 x27.05 cm,
  • Item Weight – ‎4.81 kg,
  • XL Drawer Pan – five litres capacity,
  • Eight Pre-Programmed Menus – frying fresh fries, frozen fries, shrimp, steak, chicken, bake, wings, and fish,
  • Auto Timer – a timer of 90 minutes + automatic shut-off,
  • Auto and Manual Temperature Controls – 150°f to max 410°f,
  • Powerful and Fast – uses 1400 watts power and rapid air frying technology,
  • Salton Air Fryer Review of Digital L.E.D Display – useful in dim lighting and dark. it is easy to read,
  • Removable and Non-Stick Rack – helps in easy cleaning in the dishwasher,
  • Safety Features – timer with auto shut-off, overheat protection and temperature control, temperature resistant cool handle.

AF2085 Air Fryer Advantages:

  • Easy to clean and use with pre-programmed menus.
  • Safe to use with three important safety features.
  • Healthier meals with no oil promote weight loss, reduce acrylamide formation and risk of diseases.

AF2085 Air Fryer Disadvantages:

  • It is more expensive than an oven.
  • It is not suitable for large families.
  • It dries and burns the food.
  • It comes with a short power cable.

Salton Air Fryer Review ascertains its Effectiveness and Value:

We bring you extensive reviews about this product and its brand to ascertain its usefulness and worth in the below sections. 

About the brand:

  • Salton Air Fryer is from Salton Inc., established 74 years back and currently known as Russell Hobbs Inc.
  • Salton Air Fryer is sold on different shopping sites.
  • @saltongroup is present on FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube with more than 14,675 subscribers.
  • It seems a GENUINE brand.

About the Product:

  • The product is sold on social media sites like Facebook and shopping sites like Amazon and Walmart.
  • Overall there are more positive Salton Air Fryer Review on the shopping sites and internet.
  • Thousands of customers have received the delivery and are currently using it.
  • No reviews found on the product on the official website.

Customer Reviews on Slaton AF2085 Air Fryer:

Overall on social media sites, there are mixed reviews about the product. Salton’s YouTube channel does not feature the air fryer, and there is no specific feedback of Salton Air Fryer on YouTube. Therefore, we recommend you read about Product Legitimacy

Over the internet and shopping sites, this specific model is rated at 3.8/5 stars. There are no reviews posted on about the AF2085 model. The negative Salton Air Fryer Review pointed out that the non-stick coating on the pan gets removed within six months, and low air circulation. has been a presence on the internet for more than 25 years, with a good trust score of 86%. However, its Alexa ranking is 859,894, considered to be poor. 


Due to the high trust score and long presence on the internet, Salton is a LEGITIMATE BRAND. Many customers use Salton Air-Fryer, and its online sales on various platforms prove that we can trust this product. However, due to its low rating and early wear-outs of not sticky coating, we request you to analyze your requirements before purchasing this product.  

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