SSO Fort Pinta Disco {Sep 2021} Game Zone Updates!

Read this full about fun-filled relaxation, socialization and dance at the Cafe Pinta in popular game SSO Fort Pinta Disco.

SSO is a popular game in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany. There are 500K players each month accessing this game and over twelve million registered users. Did you ever wonder about relaxing in an adventurous game? How about going to a cafe with your friends on weekends and dancing?

SSO features this in its recent update. So, let us check more details about SSO Fort Pinta Disco.

What is SSO?

Star Stable Online (SSO) is an adventure game developed by a Swedish company, Star Stable Entertainment AB. Players get free access till the 5th level. The player needs to have a Star Rider for higher levels, and he needs to buy a paid version. At Fort Pinta, a cafe can be found in the game. It is popularly known as Cafe Pinta. It is at this cafe; the players can perform dance moves with their friends. But, first, the player needs to unlock Fort Pinta. It is accessible to both star riders and non-star riders. 

SSO Fort Pinta Disco:

The disco in cafe Pinta is open from 8 P.M. onwards on Friday and Saturday. Captain Waterloo works at Fort Pinta disco. He lives there and guards Fort Pinta. Every Wednesday, you can help him to prepare for the disco night. 

At Fort Pinta disco, you can find a dance floor with lighting, disco lights, and an ambience suitable for dancing. Once you are on the dance floor, famous songs can be played, and the player can perform dance moves accordingly. For example, the player dances to the song of Martin Jenson, the song in SSO Fort Pinta Disco You don’t know me by Jack Jones, and The Chainsmoker song, etc. 

Outside Fort Pinta, you can find a pet shop by the name Pet Shop Girls. The shop sells rabbits, dogs and cats. You can also buy pet accessories from the shop. Fort Pinta is among the few locations in the game where you can socialize, sit on a chair, have a beautiful view of the sea, enjoy the natural atmosphere, make new friends, chat with them, etc. 

You will find few other characters. For instance, James is a young boy in SSO Fort Pinta Disco who attends the races and the stables. You can also find a horse trainer. The horse trainer can train your horse for the next level. The location also included characters of a tourist’s family. Gunther is a tourist from Germany. Helga is his wife, and Gretchen is their only son.


There were 3 glitches reported at Fort Pinta. Users were UNABLE TO ENTER ON THE DISCO FLOOR. If you attempt walking with your horse at the cafe entrance for a minute, the horse’s speed rapidly increases, making it UNCONTROLLABLE. At such a high speed, horses tend to FLY over the sea and fall. Players like sharing their SSO Fort Pinta Disco dance videos on social media.

Do you play SSO ? Let us know your Fort Pinta disco experience.

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