SSO Jorvik Flag (Sep 2021) Read Detailed Insight Here!

Please read this article to learn about the SSO Jorvik Flag, which is associated with an interesting island in the popular game of Star Stable Online.

Are you interested in video games related to horses and their races? Do you like solving mysteries in games? You must have heard about the popular game of Star Stable Online, and do you want more information about its in-game locations? Then, please read this article to find out the details.

In this account, we have talked about SSO Jorvik Flag, which players from all around the world, especially in Czechia, the United Kingdom, and the United States, are keen to find out. 

What is Star Stable Online? 

Star Stable Online, the full form of SSO, is a well-known online role-playing game related to horses. Multiple users can play the game simultaneously. The producer of this renowned game is Star Stable Entertainment, located in the Swedish city of Stockholm. This game is the latest and most advanced version of other games in the series, namely, Star Stable, Star Academy, and Starshine Legacy. 

The game involves mysterious stories, horse races, the island of Jorvik, and the SSO Jorvik Flag. The players can talk with other gamers via chats and meet new people from the community of this game. 

On 15 September 2021, this game completed a decade in the horse gaming industry. To celebrate this occasion, it offered birthday packages to its users on its official portal. 

What is Jorvik?

Jorvik is the island where the Star Stable Online and other games of the series are based. There are settlements of the characters on this island known as the Jorvik City. Jorvik is filled with mysteries and also has its SSO Jorvik Flag. The horses in this game are also believed to be hailing from this island. 

Unlike the island map in the previous games, Jorvik in SSO can be explored more by the players. There is no location on this island to which the players are not allowed to go. However, the exception here is that if a player locks a particular zone, then it cannot be accessed by other players. Also, if a gamer does not belong to the star riding category, then they are not allowed in Fort Pinta and Moorland locations of Jorvik. 

SSO Jorvik Flag

Based on our research on the Internet, we could not find much information about the flag of Jorvik. All that is available in the image of this flag is blue and green in color and has the island symbol at the center. Also, some e-commerce portals are selling this flag as posters for home décor. Some platforms are also providing masks in the design of this flag, to be worn in the current pandemic times.


The exciting quests of Jorvik make this game more attractive for the players. Jorvik is the game’s location and also has its own SSO Jorvik Flag. SSO is played in over 130 countries across the globe and is available in fourteen languages. It is one of the most popular games and has recently completed ten years.

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