Spar 60th Birthday Scam: What Is 60th Birthday Called? Check If There Is Any Reviews For Ongoing Anniversary

The post describes full-fledged details on Spar 60th Birthday Scam. Know if the birthday competition is a scam or legit.

Have you heard about the Spar scam? Do you know the Spar 60th Birthday Scam? Spar website is a renowned platform and nowadays it is trending for its 60th birthday anniversary. The platform is offering lucky rewards to the residents of South Africa

So let’s know the whole details about it.

What is a spar birthday scam?

As we know spar is a well-reputed wholesaler store that provides quality products to customers. Recently, the website of this store has announced its 60th birthday celebration. Several people on trusted websites have claimed that they have received several scam messages related to Spar birthday scams. The scammers are using the Spar website to defraud users. 

Spar 60th Birthday Reviews

Spar’s 60th birthday has different reviews from the customers. There are several scams that go on with the name of Spar’s birthday or anniversaries. Several people have been scammed by fraudsters’ fake spar birthday messages on WhatsApp, Facebook, and other sites. The ongoing spar birthday competition has not been reviewed yet.

The competition started on 11 July 2023 and will end on 20th August 2023. Currently, we have not spotted any reviews on the ongoing Spar 60th birthday competition. The competition is for residents of South Africa who are 16 years or above.

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What Is 60th Birthday Called?

The 60th birthday is called the Diamond Jubilee. The Spar 60th birthday website is offering amazing rewards to the participants who will take part in Spar 60th birthday competition. The offer could also be called Spar’s Diamond Jubilee competition as the competition is based on the 60th birthday of Spar. In the competition, participants have to buy a 60th birthday product from the store and they will get a new reward card.

 The new users can activate their cards by reaching the store. To start the competition, participants have to recreate and share their favorite memory with Spar. The legitimacy of Spar 60th Anniversary is unknown as there is no relevant customer response to the current competition. But several users have called the previous competition scam.

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In a nutshell

Wrapping up this post here, the Spar birthday website is offering rewards by taking part in the 60th birthday celebration. The previous competitions are stated fraud by the users but there is no customer reviews currently. Visit this page for more details on Spar.

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Spar 60th Birthday Scam: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Spar’s birthday?

Ans. A website namely Spar 60th Birthday is offering rewards to people who take part in its “Spar 60th birthday” competition. The platform claims to provide promising rewards such as vouchers.

  1. Who is promoting the Spar 60th birthday competition?

Ans. As per the Spar 60th birthday website, the promoter of this competition is Spar Group Ltd.

  1. What is the beginning date of this competition?

Ans. The beginning date of this competition is 11 July 2023.

  1. When will the Spar 60th birthday competition end?

Ans. The Spar birthday competition will end on 20 August 2023. 

  1. Is Spar 60th Birthday Scam?

Ans. Users must be aware as some fraudsters are using the name of the spar website to defraud participants. So participants must be aware of the scammers as they trap customers through WhatsApp messages.

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