NG Kok Song Wife: Who is New Fiance? Check Sybil Lau & Children Details Here!

Check out the complete information about NG Kok Song Wife and learn why people create chaos in their relationships.

Do you know who is the wife of Singapore’s upcoming President? Recently a picture of Singapore’s possible President NG Kok has been circulating on social media along with a mid-aged lady named Sybil Lau. 

People from Singapore, Malaysia, and Australia are trying to find out the whole love angle of the future President. Therefore, let’s find out the complete love angle of NG Kok Song Wife.

Who is the current wife of Ng Kok Song

Ng Kok is not married but engaged to his Fiancé, Sybil Lau. People saw the couple during the presidential ticket collection at the election department in Singapore on 19 July. Everyone was surprised to see the age difference between Song and Lau. However, there is no discomfort seen on the face of the children of Song. 

As a result, people got curious to know about the lady Lau who will be the President’s wife and get extensive fame quickly. Therefore, people started searching about the history and current life of Sybil Lau. Moreover, people also started looking for Sybil Lau LinkedIn profile to get more information about her profession, career, and lifestyle.

NG Kok Song Fiance 

The current fiance of the possible President of Singapore, Kok Song, surprised the people and raised multiple questions in their minds. Moreover, it’s been almost 15 years since Song fell in love with a Lady and believes she will be lady luck.

Lau is originally from Canada, but she lived in Singapore for a while, where she met Song, and both fell in love. The massive age gap of 30 years couldn’t segregate the thoughts and emotions between Song and Lau. NG Kok Song publicly said that for him to love doesn’t come with age criteria.   

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NG Kok Song Sybil Lau

Kok Song has been single since 2005, when his ex-wife died. Ng Kok Song Ex-Wife was always a supporting part of his life, but she couldn’t survive the fearsome disease of cancer. After that, Song started building and dedicated his life to the people of Singapore and investing in multiple companies for the betterment of the nation.

However, there is also a statement in which NG Kok mentions that she feels the same vibe and environment around Sybil Lau. It is evident and clearly visible during the election ticket collection that both of their families also support their marriage. 

NG Kok Song Wife: Social Media Link



Two of Ng Kok Song’s children are older than his fiancée
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Final Verdict

Netizens and people were surprised to see the current fiance of Ng Kok Song, who could become the next President of Singapore. The main shocking part of the relationship is the age gap between the two. Sybil Lau is 30 years younger than Kok Song, and both want to get married as soon as possible. 

However, the love of both became sensational news on social media and other popular platforms. What are your thoughts regarding the relationship of Ng Kok Song? Comment below.

NG Kok Song Wife: FAQs

Q1 What is the age of Sybil Lau? 

She is 45 years old. 

Q2 How many children does Kok Song have? 

He has two daughters and one son.

Q3 What is the age of the youngest child of Ng Kok Song?

The youngest kid Song is around 33 years old.

Q4 Are Ng Kok and Sybil Lau living together?

Yes, the couple is living together as they are the support system of each other and waiting to get married.

Q5 What is the reaction of NG Kok Song Children to their father’s relationship?

The children are happy with the father’s decision and support the marriage of Song and Lau.

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