{Unedited} Tess Antonio Birthday: Who Is Tess Antonio Husband? Also Explore Details On Her Age, Child, And Son

The post will help you in gaining several amazing facts about Tess Antonio. Know Tess Antonio Birthday and other details.

Do you Tess Antonio’s birthday? Do you want to know details about her private life? Tess Antonio is a highly known personality. She is a marvelous actress and has a good fanbase. Her fans around the Philippines are always curious to grab more and more details about Tess.  The article will go along with several details about the most beautiful actress Tess Antonio.

Let’s learn details about Tess Antonio Birthday.

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When was Tess Antonio Born?

Tess Antonio is a popular actress from the Philippines. Her fans are curious to know her birth date and other details. Tess Antonio took birth on 11 November 1978. She is currently 44 years old. Tess took birth in Quezon City. She is well known for her roles in several films. Tess Antonio is one of the most beautiful actresses. 

She has been featured in several films and won a loyal fanbase. Tess’s fans are excited to learn more details about her personal life and keep searching for it on several platforms. Tess Antonio’s never revealed many details about her personal life.

Who is Tess Antonio Husband?

Tess Antonio is a highly recognized actress in the Philippines. She has been a part of numerous films which got her ultimate name and fame. Tess Antonio’s husband’s name is unknown. Tess never revealed details about her personal life. She used to be highly active on social media but never revealed her marital life. There is no information if Tess is married or single.

Tess Antonio’s husband’s details were never revealed by her. She did not open up about any relationship or affairs. For a long time, Tess has not uploaded any pictures on her Instagram account. She has garnered quite an attractive fanbase on social media also.

Tess Antonio Child

Tess Antonio is well known for films such as Kokey which was released in 2007. Some of her popular films are Meant To Beh, Working Beks, Lorenzo’s Time, etc. As per the online sources, Tess does not have any children. She has not revealed anything about her married life. So information about her children is unknown. 

Disclaimer: The post is about Tess Antonio. Due to the availability of limited information about her family and personal life on online sources, we have posted limited data about her. The data is collected from online websites and social media.

Tess’s parents are Reynaldo Antonio, her father, and Mrs. Antonio, her mother. The full name of her mother is not revealed yet. As per online sources, Tess is currently taking up projects to entertain her fans. No further details are revealed about Tess Antonio Son and her professional life. 

In a nutshell

There is no update on Tess Antonio’s life. We have posted the information available online. Visit this link to learn details on Tess Antonio.

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Tess Antonio Birthday: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who is Tess Antonio?

Ans. Tess Antonio is a well-known actress from the Philippines who has been recognized in several famous films and tell shows.

Q2. When was Tess Antonio Born?

Ans. Tess Antonio took birth on 11 November 1978. 

Q3. Who is the husband of Tess Antonio?

Ans. Tess Antonio’s husband’s details are not available. Tess has never revealed details about her personal life so the information is unavailable.

Q4. Do Tess Antonio have children?

Ans. Tess has not revealed details about her children. Details about Tess’s children are also unavailable on online platforms.

Q5. What is Tess Antonio Age?

Ans. Tess Antonio is 44 years old.

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