{Uncensored} Seismic Waves Types: Check Complete Details On Waves Card Whatsapp, And Hoax

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What are Seismic waves? What are the types of Seismic waves? What is WhatsApp’s Moroccan earthquake hacking scare? Is this article related to the recent Moroccan Earthquake? Read this article if you also want to know about the Seismic Waves Types and more. People Worldwide are trying to know more about earthquakes & seismic waves. 

Seismic Waves & Types of Seismic Waves

A crucial aspect of studying earthquakes is to understand the seismic waves. They are the waves of energy that an earthquake releases and that move across our planet in all directions. Waves from the body and surface waves are the two basic categories into which these waves may be separated. 

Body waves, sometimes called P- and S-waves, move through the interior of the Earth and cause the first shaking experienced during an earthquake. These waves can be created through natural disasters such as Volcanic eruptions, droughts, flooding, and human activities.

Disclaimer: This article is also related to a recent hacking hoax in Morocco. After the tragic Earthquake, the fake scare is spreading in Morocco and feeding up on the fear of people.

Seismic Waves Card Hoax

Recently, a fake message has been circulating on WhatsApp in Morocco, known as the “Seismic Waves Card,” which has generated panic and uncertainty among Moroccans. The scam provides people with a zip file that allegedly contains a wave card but has pictures from the deadly Earthquake. 

The fact that seismic specialists have refuted this information shows that it is untrue because nothing is called a ‘Seismic Wave Card.’ It also alleges to hack people’s phones upon opening the file. But this is just a hoax. This file is not dangerous; hacking is impossible through Seismic Waves Card Whatsapp.   

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Morocco’s Deadly Earthquake Details 

A catastrophic earthquake that struck Morocco on September 8th, 2023, left destruction in its wake. The Earthquake’s magnitude was around 6.8 in the Marrakesh-Safi region. The Earthquake brought severe destruction to several structures and the surrounding infrastructure. More people were forced from their homes, more than five thousand people were hurt, and the death toll is nearly 3000. 

This Earthquake has been termed a rare one with a 6.8 magnitude causing more damage than that. Seismologists worldwide are putting forward different theories to explain the reason behind Earthquake’s intensity. 

Seismic Waves Types & More

In the above paragraphs, we have discussed the types of waves. But these two types of waves have subcategories to it. Seismology is not easy, and it takes years to understand it properly. 

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In this article, we have talked about different things, such as Seismic waves and their types, Morocco’s Earthquake, and a WhatsApp hoax spreading in Morocco after the Earthquake. More than 2900 people have lost their lives, and more than 5000 people are injured. Destruction is so severe that removing the 100% debris will take days. People in affected areas are shattered and heartbroken. For more details about the Morocco’s Earthquake, click here.

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