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Afghanistan Earthquake Wiki covers everything you need to know about this catastrophic calamity that occurred on the late night of 21 June.

Have you heard of the devastating earthquake news that hit nearly 1:30 a.m. on 22 June? The morning has been a shocking and shaking day for Afghanistan in the past two decades. So many people lost their lives and their near and dear ones due to the home collapse.

Assistance from the government of the United Kingdom, United States, India, and other nations is in progress. Let us look at in-depth news through our post-Afghanistan Earthquake Wiki. 

What is the news?

According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), the tremors occurred around 46 kilometres (28.5 miles) near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border area at the moment magnitude of 6.2 on 22 June. The local time was about 1:24 a.m. when everybody was sleeping in their home. The earthquake wave was so strong that its shocks were felt in the part of Pakistan, India and Iran.

As per the latest news, the wave has taken nearly 1000 lives, and 1500 people were heavily injured in the devastating hit. Moreover, it is said that the death toll could further increase. Afghanistan Earthquake Today is the most lethal in the past 20 years.

History of the earthquakes in Afghanistan:

Afghanistan mountain areas have long been susceptible to severe earthquakes as a result of the collision of the Indian tectonic and Eurasian plates. For more than a decade, 7000+ and an average of 550 people per year have lost their lives due to the earthquakes in the country.

The recent wave hit January when 20 people died, and more than a hundred houses collapsed. More than 200 people died in the northeast region of the country and northern Pakistan in 2015’s Earthquake in Afghanistan. In 2002 and 1998, the seismic event took 1000 and 4500 lives, respectively.

What is the aftermath of the earthquake?

The earthquake hit far-to-reach areas when most people were in a deep sleep. At least 20 villages were destroyed. Several properties, schools, mosques, and hospitals are all flattened and turned into debris as a result of the powerful wave.

From Pakita province, more than four hundred people lost their lives. These numbers are still unknown as long as the government confirms the exact data. In Khost province, more than 500 homes were destroyed, and hundreds of injured were transported to nearby hospitals.

Government response to Afghanistan Earthquake News

Without delay, the government took action and started rescue operations. Défense sends helicopters to save lives, evacuate those stuck in debris, launch casualties’ recovery operations to stop further losses, and supply food and emergency medical help.

The government allocated one billion Afghanis’ currency to the affected people. Ambulance and transportation facilities have been increased in the affected area to save the survivors. Emergency relief teams and health and medical professionals immediately moved to deal with the situation. The government is also seeking humanitarian assistance for Afghanistan Earthquake June 2022 from international organizations and neighbouring countries.

How difficult it is for Afghanistan to cope with the situation?

Afghanistan was already hit by hunger, drought, and an economic crisis. They do not have an economy to fulfil basic needs. 93% of households are unable to meet food demands. Foreign currency dried up, and people are living in crisis. 

Since the Taliban retook power, they also suffered from a medical supply scarcity and a failing health system. Many governments have already debarred Afghanistan and stopped aiding them. In such a situation, nature’s destruction will worsen the conditions. However, after Afghanistan Earthquake 2022, the government is doing what is in its capabilities and hoping international government agencies will help them survive.

What is the response of foreign communities?

Response from foreign bodies is positive; they are ready to aid as much as possible. UN distributed non-food essentials, sanitary items, water. Iranian Red Cross Society is ready to aid in medical rescue operations. Turkish Red Crescent provides aid in terms of food supplies. Pakistan brings relief items, food packages, blankets to the border. Moreover, countries like the United States, India, China, Japan and other organizations are ready to support the people of Afghanistan to stand back in such a catastrophic situation. 


Afghanistan Earthquake Usgs revealed the magnitude of 6.1 hit 44 km from Khost at a depth of 51 km on 22 June 2022. The earthquake brought a catastrophic situation where more than a thousand had already lost their lives. The rescue operation is under process. You can read the wiki of earthquake 2022 here 

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