{Uncensored} Bashid Holding His Mom Head No Blur: Why Selfie Picture is Trending?

Check out the social media sensation a photo of Bashid Holding His Mom Head No Blur, and get all the information about the murder mystery.

Did you get triggered after watching the viral photo of Bashid holding her mother’s head? A sensational picture came to the public after 10 years of the incident on TikTok. People from the Philippines, Canada, and the United States witnessed the viral photo and were terrified by the incident.

Watching the breathtaking picture, people are demanding for The full story. Therefore, let’s disclose the complete story of Bashid Holding His Mom Head No Blur.

Disclaimer: We do not promote any Violence. We have no intention to harm anyone emotions. All the information available in the article is for informational purposes only. 

About the Incident 

The viral incident occurred in February 2013, when a 23-year-old kid of 23-year-old named Bashid killed his mom for an unknown reason and was found holding her head in a photo. According to the police investigation, there was another person involved in the whole murder case who was helping Bashid in splitting her mother. 

Bashid was found guilty of stabbing her mother multiple times until she died and sliced her off after death. The friend was also arrested after the police investigation on charges of murder. However, currently, there is no information about Bashid, as he was sentenced to a lifetime imprisonment of 25 years. 

Bashid Mclean Selfie Picture 

The most shocking part of the viral photo was the boy holding his mother’s head. People became terrified after watching the unreal scenario where a son dismembered her mother’s head and took a mirror selfie with a savage look.

The viral image was a no-blur shot, and people on social media witnessed the frightening scenario. Netizens started commenting about the inhuman behavior of a teenager. Additionally, people unaware of the incident went crazy after watching the viral photos. As an outcome, people started hating the viral photo and trying to identify the source from which it came on the internet.

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Bashid Holding His Mom Head No Blur Photos Still Available?

Unfortunately, the viral image is still available on many social platforms. Multiple people reported the weather photo and tried to remove it due to the privacy policy violation and sharing inappropriate content on social media. It also results in netizens sharing blurred images of Bashid, where his mother’s face is invisible. 

Sadly, people can only share condolences to the lady whose son was brutally murdered. In contrast, everyone is passing sarcastic and hateful comments to Bashid. However, social media handles try to eliminate the viral Bashid McLean Head Picture No Blur as soon as possible because it is restricted content and can cause lawful trouble. 

Police Report on Bashid Mclean Selfie Picture 

When the police got the report of Bashid, they arrested him for the investigation. The crime scene investigation report says that Bashid dismembered her mother after stepping on her multiple times and filling it into a huge garbage bag. Bashid and her friend dumped his mother at various locations so that no one could discover the body.

Later, during the investigation, Bashid agreed to his felony and had no reason for stabbing her mother. After the court’s judgment, Bashid was sent to the Rehab Center from the prison to cure his mental illness. He’s in jail and spending a sentence in charge of a murder case. 

Bashid Holding His Mom Head No Blur: Social Media Link


Son posed with mother’s severed head
byu/soehattodo increepy


Final Verdict 

A viral photo of Bashid McLean holding her mother’s head went viral on social media. People are traumatized to see the head of Tanya Byrd in her son’s hand taking a selfie. Currently, Bashid is in prison, spending his sentence for killing her mother.

What are your thoughts regarding Bashid? Comment below. 

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