Safeway Bogo Class Action Scam: Know About Case Settlement And Class Action Email Legit Details

Read exclusive and consolidated facts unavailable elsewhere about the Safeway Bogo Class Action Scam to know details of the settlement.

Did you know Safeway is now operating as Albertsons Companies in the United States? Did you know Safeway has 35 stores under two well-known brands operating in the District of Columbia? Safeway is one of the largest food and medicine retail stores. Let’s check about Safeway Bogo Class Action Scam.

About the class action:

The Safeway class action is not a scam. The class action was filed in the Oregon Circuit Court for Multnomah County under Stewart et al. v. Albertsons Cos. LLC et al., Case No. 16CV15125.

The class action counsel includes Nadia H Dahab, David F Sugerman, Sarah R Osborn, Tim Alan Quenelle, SUGERMAN DAHAB, and TIM QUENELLE PC. The defense counsel comprises Sarah J Crooks and PERKINS COIE LLP.

The address of the class administrator is Safeway BOGO Class Action Settlement Administrator, P.O. Box 1031. Baton Rouge, LA 70821. Safeway Bogo Class Action Email Legit is, and their contact number is (855)475-1347.

Why was Safeway class action filed?

As the largest food retail store, Safeway featured Buy One, Get One (BOGO) offer between 4th May 2015 and 7th September 2016. The BOGO offer was on buying meat products. Some meat products also offer buy one and get two free offers.

However, Safeway had raised the retail price of the meat more than the maximum retail price, which not only speculated the customers to buy the meat products but also resulted in a form of BOGO scam. 

But, Albertsons Companies denied any form of Safeway Bogo Class Action Scam or wrongdoing. But, finally, on 17th February 2023, the defense counsel agreed to a settlement of $170 million in good faith.

What happens if you file a claim?

The last date for enrolment in Safeway class action was on 16th June 2023. The settlement terms mentioned that if a customer enrolls in a class action, he will give up all the rights to file a separate claim related to anything the Safeway class action resolves.

The class members may receive a notice via email or mail. Irrespective of the Safeway Bogo Class Action Scam notice, customers can enroll their claim if they have benefited from the BOGO offer from Safeway stores located in Oregon between 4th May 2015 and 7th September 2016. Such class members are eligible to receive a payment of approximately $200. 

The class members were given the deadline of 16th June 2023 for opting out of Safeway class action. Once the customer opts out, they will not receive any compensation. If the class member wants to raise any objection, they can state why the settlement is unfair, inadequate, or unfair. 

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The court approved the Safeway class action settlement on 10th July 2023, and the case was closed on 11th June 2023, with circuit court judge Angela Lucero signing the general dismissal documents. Though proof of purchase was not required, it was mentioned that by filing a false claim, the claimant would harm the interests of other eligible class members. 

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Safeway Bogo Class Action Scam – FAQ

1Q. When were the Safeway claims deadline, opt-out, and objection deadlines?

16th June 2023.

2Q. When was the final approval hearing?

10th July 2023.

3Q. How much are the attorneys’ fees?


4Q. How many other costs/preliminary charges were incurred/allotted?


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