Shaun King Scam {May 2022} Explore The Actual Fact Here!

This article clarifies the Shaun King Scam to the readers and tells them the whole story behind it and some interesting facts and information.

The internet scams aren’t forgiving anyone and now come with a new one in the name of Shaun King clothing brand. Did you hear about the latest clothing brand scam by a famous activist? The users of the clothing brand from countries like the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom raise their voices against the clothing scam. 

This article will talk about the Shaun King Scam and unfold all the facts and important information related to the scam and the users’ reviews. So, let’s find out.

What is the scam related to Shaun King?

Shaun King, a social activist, became the center of attraction in the news because of the scam related to the clothing brand. Shaun king launched a clothing brand to try something in online business, but the outcome was not according to the plan. 

Many people have complained about the company that they didn’t receive the clothes even after 8 months of launching the company. Now, let’s find out the truth behind the scam.

Scam Goddess Shaun King– Her Views

If you follow the podcasts, then Scam Goddess isn’t a new name for you. Laci Mosley, whose username is Scam Goddess, is a famous podcaster known for exposing scammers for their scam business. In a recent tweet on her account, she criticizes the work of Shaun king.

She told in her tweet that he’s the biggest con and the most hardworking scammer present in the business. Many of her followers accepted that Shaun King was a scammer and continued to scam people with his clothing company. 

When was the Shaun King Scam started?

It all started in September 2021, when the activist Shaun King launched a clothing-related business known as A Real One. The activist got the people’s attention in the Black Lives Matter movement, and many people supported him.

He claimed that the clothes are 100% organic and all the seeds and other materials are bought from black people. He also claimed that this business is done to support the livelihood of black people and serves a purpose in society. 

Is the scam related to Shaun king real?

After these allegations and the Scam Goddess Shaun King episode, Shaun gives a statement to the news saying that the scam-related news is fabricated. However, facts say otherwise because he deactivates the accounts after getting the unwanted limelight. 

There’s another claim that Shaun is still raising money in the name of social service, but he didn’t provide any proof to anyone. Therefore, it’s hard to say whether the allegations are true or not, but one thing is clear Shaun King is playing a dirty game. 

Final Words

Though there’s no evidence of Shaun’s King Controsoversy, the Shaun King Scam victims should get the desired justice, and the necessary authority should appoint someone to look into these matters so that they can stop ASAP. 

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